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Wolf Symbolism: Everything There is to Know

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” – Rudyard Kipling

Wolves are powerful creatures that are symbolic of survival, beauty, mystery, and pride.  Wolves possess strong characteristics that can overcome difficult circumstances.  They are very efficient hunters that prefer to work as a pack, but in some instances hunt on their own.

It usually travels in a pack led by an alpha male.  A female partner is not far behind together with their offspring.  Together they are a formidable group that can bring down big prey through teamwork.  Wolves are territorial and will fiercely defend it against other rival groups. Young wolves of the pack who are on the onset of sexual maturity are banished by the alpha male.  It must learn to fend for itself using all the skills it learned as a youngster.  Cut off from the pack and all social connection, they venture on their own as a lone wolf.

Wolves are one of the most misunderstood animals.  At their core, wolves are peaceful creatures. It’s a common fallacy that wolves are vicious predators.  They will go out of their way to avoid confrontations.  But they will fight to the death to protect their pack.

Wolf Symbolism

Wolves figure prominently in the mythology of just about every Native American tribe. The wolf in their culture is the leader of the whole animal kingdom.  It is viewed with the utmost respect and admiration.  They are especially admired for their loyalty and bravery.

In harsh winters where food is scarce, wolves are known to take down and kill big prey.  But they stop eating when they are full, and leave the remaining meat for other animals.  They also ensure that elders in the pack eat first before anyone else.

As a spirit animal, wolf is one of the most powerful and intelligent animals.  If a wolf comes to you as a spirit animal, chances are you are a complex person.  You are most probably misunderstood by your dual nature.  You are likely to be fierce and jolly, as you are cunning and funny.

The Dark Side of the Wolf as a Spirit Animal

Wolves are known for their leadership skills and intelligence.  They are also strong and loyal.   On the negative side, the wolf can appear domineering and a take-no-prisoners approach in situations.

You must control your emotions as wolves are highly charged animal spirits.  The feeling of being threatened and vulnerable can lead to being defensive and could prevent you from opening up.  The sensitivity about feelings of threat or lack of trust can lead you to fractured relationships.  The danger of pushing away people that truly have your best interest at heart maybe a source of regret and guilt.   Evaluating your instincts and feelings may overcome this trait.

Positive Symbolism of the Wolf as A Spirit Animal

The wolf offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals.  The power of the wolf symbolizes harmony, wisdom, strength, desire for freedom, and understanding the strength of the pack.

Throughout history, perhaps no other group of people can equal the reverence to the wolf than the Native American Indians.  They had the greatest respect and admiration for wolves.  They value them as loyal friends and copied their hunting methods.  They also elevated the wolf as a spiritual pathfinder.  A spirit animal as a symbol of intelligence and great leadership.

In ancient history, the wolf figures prominently in the story of the great empire that is Rome. As the legend goes, Romulus and Remus, the two founding brothers of Rome, were raised and suckled by a she-wolf.  The wolf symbolizes strength and intelligence.

This animal can also symbolize the fear of being threatened and lack of trust.  When the wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.  What is the wolf spirit animal meaning?  In the spirit animal kingdom, the wolf symbolizes sharp intelligence, deep connection with instinct, appetite for freedom, expression of strong instincts, feeling threatened, lack of trust in someone or yourself.

Dream Interpretation of the Wolf Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the wolf will appear in many dream situations for those who have them as their totem animal.  A dream where you are being chased by wolves means that you may go to a period of depression in the near future.  A wolf howling in your dream indicates that you have to be wary that someone is about to steal something from you. If you dream of a wolf attacking you, it means that you are going to experience a great danger in your life.  Dreaming about a wolf pack can indicate your preference for working with others to achieve your goals.

If in your dream the shepherd is attacked by a wolf, it could signal a tragic event that will happen in your family family.  A wolf with an open mouth in your dream suggests that you are being overwhelmed by your enemies.

A wolf is a symbol of a protector in our lives.  To have a wolf and other wild dogs in the same dream indicate that your emotions or feelings will be challenged.

Is the Wolf Your Spirit Animal?

Have you found yourself suddenly drawn to an image of the wolf?  Did you dream about a wolf lately, or you realized that you are seeing its image without consciously seeking for it?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the wolf may just be your spirit animal.

Do you feel a need to communicate your feelings and express yourself loud and clear to your circle of influence?   You may be hearing a howling at the back of your head.  Have you been keeping to yourself pulling away from people who you care about?  Perhaps its time to end your self-imposed isolation and join the pack.

Wolf as your spirit animal will help you realize that you are a leader and that you are stronger than you think.  You care for others more than you do for your self, but you do it because you feel good about it.  You are not easily influenced as you are a strong-willed and principled individual.

It’s time to assess your strength and plan to conquer the hills of your dreams.  You understand that time is important and there is no reason to waste it in meaningless pursuits.

Wolf in Astrology and Zodiac Signs

In Native American astrology and zodiac sign, the wolf represents the months of 19th Feb. to 20th March as the wolf zodiac sign.  The wolf symbol is represented with blue and green colors, and the main personality traits are gentle and generous.  They are compatible with woodpecker, brown bear and snake signs.

Here Are the Traits Associated with The Wolf in Astrology:

  • Deeply Emotional
  • Passionate
  • Loving
  • Nurturing
  • Giving

Far Eastern Wolf Symbolic Meaning

In the Far East, wolves are symbols of good luck.  Wolf images adorn charms and talismans to ward off diseases, calamities and even as fertility symbols for couples wanting to have children.

In Japanese mythology, grain farmers built shrines for wolves.  They prayed and made offerings to the animal symbol to protect their crops.  They left food offerings near the den of living wolves praying for bountiful harvests.

Wolf Spirit and It’s Connection with Instincts

When you have the wolf as your spirit animal, it could be an expression of your sharp intelligence and strong instinct.   The wolf symbolizes with strong connection with instincts and when it appears as an animal spirit guide.  It can point to a way of perceiving and understanding the world around you that works similarly.

Whether the wolf appears in physical form or a dream or meditation, it may reveal that you’re using your instincts and intuition to grasp a situation well.  The fact that your wolf animal spirit guide shows up could also be a call to use this capacity to deal with the recent challenge you’ve experienced in your life.

If the presence of the wolf feels threatening, pay attention to how your instinctual nature and raw emotion can jeopardize your balance or the balance of the people around you.    Your power animal may appear in such light to warn you about devouring instinct of those belonging to somebody around you.

Final Words

The wolf is a complex animal.  It is gentle yet fierce.  It’s a loner yet enjoys the company of the pack.  But for all its complexities, the wolf is undoubtedly one of nature’s top animal.  It has survived thousands of years and was threatened with extinction because of man.  But it has prevailed and still honors us with its presence.

The wolf is a survivor and adaps to its environment and situation.  It values the group and stays loyal to the pack.  It nurtures its young and train them with all the skills necessary to survive in the wild.  The wolf symbolizes strength and resilience.  It’s a formidable force of nature that is destined to be among the great spirit animals.



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