March 23, 2017

Where To Shoot A Turkey With A Bow

where to shoot a turkey with a bow

Imagine yourself as a turkey and somebody just shot you in such a manner that you will die after a week or so! That’s torture; it would be better for a hunter to shoot you and kill you instantly then make a meal of you as soon as possible.

However, the problem is, many turkeys are shot with arrow heads, wounded and never recovered. What a mess and loss! It is better for you to remain at home than just shoot a turkey for no reason.

shoot a turkey with a bow

As a hunter, you should owe it to all the animals you hunt and also to practice humane and clean kills. We entirely owe this to ourselves. The problem is, we are so occupied with honing our skills and accuracy, and with all our minds in the magazines and books only for this behavior to result in poor shots and we end up being culprits of failed hunts. So, what do I need to know? Well, a lot…

Here Are Some Tips On Where To Shoot A Turkey To Ensure A Proper Kill

some tips on where to shoot a turkey

Hunting turkeys takes a lot of practice and not just any kind of practice. Practicing on the hot points is key to making kills. You might be very accurate, but if you shoot a turkey on its feathers, you will have done no work. So, which are the sweet spots to guarantee a kill? Well, a turkey has several places that you can shoot for an accurate kill. Let’s have a look at some of those positions and locations.

Standing Upright, Facing Away

how to shoot a turkey

Many of the times, this is the most likely position you will find a turkey. You know, creeping from the back will ensure that you approach it with a lot of stealth to avoid detection. A shot on this location will destroy the bird’s spine and backbone which increases the probability of a killer shot.

A shot on the spine will immediately ground the turkey ensuring a quick death. However, getting the bird in this position is highly situational. To be sure that you have this chance, wait for the bird to be in a standing position with its back on your side.

If the bird is feeding looking downwards or moving, the spine becomes a very poor target for the archer. At times, it is possible to sweet talk a Turkey to lift its back but very quietly with clucks and putts as your call.

Whichever the spot you hit when the bird is in this position, you can be assured of that it will wreck a lot of damage on the bird. 

  • Just be sure to use a broadhead, arrowhead or something that will destroy the back of the bird.


This is another sweet position to place your shot. If you are a seasoned hunter, you must have heard of the saying, “hit him low and watch him fly, hit him high and watch him die”. Unlike other animals like hogs and deers, the vital organs of a turkey are located far back and on a higher position. Many people don’t realize that.

If you are looking for a clean shot on this position, the best place to shoot a turkey with an arrow is where the butt wings connect to the main body. This will guarantee a clean and an ethical kill. The arrow head will destroy the heart or the lungs and kill the bird instantly.

Strutting, Facing away

If a turkey is walking away from you with a full strut, it is time to practice what we hunters call a “Texas heart shot.” Just draw your top crossbow, and you can be assured that the bird will not see you because his fan will be blocking his ability to see backward.

Once your bow is drawn, aim for the anus or the base of the tail. Once an arrowhead penetrates in you can be assured of an instant kill. All you need is to ensure the bird is not facing your direction. This way, you will be carrying a big bird home. And you know what, a big bird means a big feast.

Strutting, Facing Towards You

Shoot a turkey with a bow

This isn’t any rocket science. It is just a reverse situation of what we have talking about above. If the bird is in this position, aim slightly below where the beard grows. Such a shot will wreck havoc on the bird's vital organs.

Once again here, employing a decoy will increase the probability of a killer shot. In such a situation, a broad mechanical head will be a perfect choice to destroy the bird within the blink of an eye. Just be sure that you have the target.

Strutting, Broadside Turkey

If you are a bow-hunter, you will more often than not be confronted by this position. This is the reason perhaps I am always hearing stories of birds that were shot only for them never to be recovered.

What a loss?

What you need to know here is that the bird’s feathers are usually bristled which makes it hard to determine the location of the most vital organs. 

  • As an experienced hunter, I advise people to wait until the bird is out of this position the release your arrow. Your patience is going to reward you with a big bird to feed your party

Let’s wrap this up Dude

I know you have learned something new here that will make the next shot more successful. If you are a novice beginning hunting, I can assure you that this is a spot you will enjoy doing. I am sure that by now you know where to shoot a turkey with a bow and arrow.

In case you will be in need of more advice on hunting, be free to come back here for more advice. We have dedicated our time to make sure that you will have the best time out in the bushes. Safe hunting!

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