November 26, 2017

The Best sights for Glock 19

best sights for glock 19

Sights for the Glock 19 are really important. It makes sure that you get a nice picture of the target while aiming. The main reason for using a sight is to improve your shooting efficiency. This is more like having an extra guidance to help you aim a lot quicker and shoot accurately. There are lots of sights available for Glock 19 on the market, but you will need to choose the Best sights for Glock 19 depending on quite a lot of features. According to the requirement and kind of usability you have, you will need to select your sight.

If you are never going to use it in the outdoors, then you might always prefer a night sight or low light sight, but if you need to shoot in the open air, you will require a sight that functions in both light conditions. Also, it is really important to keep the equipment in good shape, so, after you select your sight and buy it, you should take a good care of it to make sure it works fine for longer period.

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Sight Types

Before choosing the Best sights for Glock 19, you need to know a bit about the type of sights available on the market.

  • 3-Dot Sights This type of sights has three dots: 2 for the rear and 1 for the front sight. With the tritium included, these sights make it really easier for the shooter to aim at the target even at night.
  • 2-Dot Setup: To acquire the targets faster, these are the best of the lot. Comes with 2 dots only. The front sight is really bright, and you can for sure acquire the target a lot easily.
  • I-Dot Setup: In these kinds of sights, you will have only 1 bigger and brighter dot to follow with. This helps in aiming quickly and fire with a lot of efficiencies.
  • Sight Ledge: if you are going to use a handgun, then you might need to know about these sights for sure. The front sight is shaped like a triangle.
  • U-Shaped Sight: This one is a professional sight, and can be used in the shooting competition.

How to select the Best sights for Glock 19?

  • Bright: Evert sight has a dot and to make sure you see through the sight clearly, it is important that the dot is good enough bright.
  • Accuracy: A sight must increase the accuracy of the shooting
  • User-friendly: It is really important that you take minimal time to turn on the sight, this can significantly improve your effectiveness.
  • Weight/Size: The size of the sight must be light and small enough to carry with your Glock.
  • Durability: You must choose durable sight e so that you can carry it comfortably even in the outdoors.
  • Reliability: You must be able to use the sight even after a few years without any problem.

Things to Consider While Buying

Front Profile

There was a time when people used to have the undercut sights. But these days with the semi-ramp sights, it has really become easier to have a better sight and hence a better shot as well. While shooting with your Glock, it is really important to have a nice sight picture, and only Best sights for Glock 19 can offer you this facility.

The front face of a sight is really important when it comes to fitting in all kinds of light. Although having a smooth surface might be a bit difficult in certain lighting conditions, as it might reflect off the surface, but still have a smoother surface can seriously improve the quality of your sight.

Plain Black

Normally when you shoot in a competition, you know the target backgrounds. In that kind of situation, you need to have a black sight to have a clear picture of the target. In case you have a mixed background, plain black sights might cause a little bit of problem. So, if you are going to a competition, plain black sights will do, but if the backgrounds are unknown to you, these sights might cause a little bit of problem.


Tritium is really important equipment for your Glock. This can help you while setting the sight for low light conditions. It even comes with the provision to adjust to the daylight as well. The maximum you can use a tritium for 10 years, so once the sight starts to perform badly, you might as well change it. Although tritium is the best thing to use in the low light, if you are using CCW or Le, you will need a white light to set your target.

Brass/ Gold Bead

When it comes to choosing a sight for the ambient light condition, Gold bead ones are the favorite for sure. Although it might provide a bit of contrast in the low light, but works quite fine.

Fiber Optic

This is one of the most used sights for the Glock. Be it a high light condition, or a low light condition, this sight is really good to use. Although for the low light condition you might need to use it with the white light you can always spot out the red dot in any lighting condition even if the target is moving quite a lot.

These are the basic points or some of the points that you might have to remember while you plan to buy a sight for your Glock 19. You need to understand your requirement and the kind of sight you need and accordingly choose your sight.

Here are top 5 of the sights that you can choose for your Glock.

This is one of the Best sights for Glock 19. This sight provides you high visibility even in the low light and helps in acquitting target a lot more easily. The ring is painted in back to enhance the front sight, and the angled surface also reduces the glare while you aim at the target. The rear notch is designed as U-shaped to enhance the front sight. The glass lamp is filled with tritium which gives you enough light to acquire target even if there isn’t enough light.


  • Works fine in low light quality
  • Designed to provide an enhanced front sight.
  • The tritium glows in low light to help you with a better aim.
  • The sight meets all the requirements for being a professional sight
  • The installation is pretty easy


Even though there are lots of pros, there are few problems found by the users as well:

  • The tritium might not work and glow when it is used in the darker conditions, so it will be really wise to check the sight before you actually use it.
  • Also for a better accuracy you will need to install the parts properly.

This is another wonderful sight that comes in the list of Best sights for Glock 19. This sight comes with the TFO technology and with enhanced visibility in different light conditions. It comes with three lighting facility that helps you take a clear shot even in the dark. The rear sight has 2 yellow dots, while the front on has 1 green dot.

This makes sure that you easily pick up your green sight even it is dark, and the yellow dot gives you a nice alignment of your gun while you shoot. Once you install the sight, you can fit it inside standard holsters, and the fiber used in sight is not visible from the target’s points of view. The design is truly Snag-resistant.


  • The TFO technique provides amazing accuracy in shooting in diverse lighting conditions.
  • The design is really good and is durable to last long.
  • Installation is really easy with a set of screwdrivers


Even though there are lots of pros, there are few problems found by the users as well:

  • The sight is not a good fit in every pistol model
  • The front sight tends to be loose even after you tighten the screw
  • The front dot might not glow after some time.

The front sight is larger in size which makes sure that the front sight is acquired a lot faster. The sight comes with a white dot that provides great visibility even in the low light condition. The rear sight makes sure that the front sight is not obstructed at all even when you are moving.


  • The installation procedure is really easier start with. You can even install it without the guidance, and you will need to break things completely if you want to screw up the installation.
  • You can carry your gun in your holsters even when the sight is attached to it. You can draw the gun out of your holster cleanly in the time of need.
  • You use a sight so that you can acquire your target a lot easier and faster. Anyone who has used this sight has expressed that fact that it works fine in the low and normal light as well.


  • The rear sight tends to stop glowing after some day of use
  • Comparatively expensive
  • You can use the sight only if you want to use the Glock for self-defense
  • The shooting range with the sight is not much.

If you are looking for Best sights for Glock 19 then, this is the sight that you must be looking for. This Glock 19 sight comes with a nice white ring just around the glowing dot which improves the visibility. Tritium helps in providing a clear visibility in the low light conditions. Also, it includes an aluminum cylinder that helps the tritium glass lamps to stay protected from recoil.


  • Excellent visibility in low lights
  • Front sight is enhanced with white ring
  • Tritium lamps have protective shield
  • Can be used or professional shooting purpose
  • Installation procedures are really easy


  • Some of the users have complained about the tritium not glowing properly when it is dark which it should be to enhance the night vision.

Sight for glock

This sight surely falls into the category of Best sights for Glock 19. It comes with tritium for better sight in the night. Although the main feature of this sight is the night vision, it works in the daylight as well. The longevity of this sight is quite long as well.


  • The sight works perfectly in daylight with white dots, and the low light accuracy is also impressive.
  • The front sight has green dots, and the rear one has orange dots at night sight.
  • Installation is really easy.
  • Works just amazingly in lowlight conditions.


  • The threads on the front sight are stripped.


So, in case you are looking for the Best sights for Glock 19, then the above given five Glock sight list must be of some help. But remember that there is a lot more than just these 5 sights. Although different manufacturers will claim their product to be Best sights for Glock 19, but, your job will be to choose the best without being biased.

All you need to do is just compare and find out what kind of sight should you require. Now that you know the criteria you need to look for while buying a sight for Glock, you can easily choose one amongst the available one in the market; just make sure that it covers almost all the criteria. Also, make sure that you compare the price of the product before you buy any of them. This will make sure that you will get not only the Best sights for Glock 19 but also the most affordable one available in the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one of those sights today and become a lot more efficient Glock shooter.

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