April 3, 2019

The Best Accessories for Small Game Hunting

best hunting gear for small game

Hunting is a sport, hobby, and lifestyle that requires an investment in time and equipment. However, there is a difference in the gear you may want and need if you’re after a small game as opposed to the bigger game. The following list of 10 accessories contains things that will dramatically improve your hunt inaccuracy, comfort, and overall effectiveness.

Knife Sharpener

In addition to a good knife, you have to have a portable knife sharpener. You don’t want to go hunting with a blunt knife, do you? A knife can do a lot for you from splitting rope to gutting an animal for transporting or process it. A dull blade will do a poor job or cause more frustration than aid. A knife sharpener is a small, inexpensive accessory that will pay for itself in time and trouble right away.

First Aid

As a hunter, you know the importance of safety. However, accidents do happen and you’d better prepare for the worst situation. Few things could be worse than an infection from what you thought was a minor cut or an infectious illness you received after handling an animal while you had a small, exposed hand injury.


Being able to see, in any condition, is essential when you’re looking for the game, reading a map, or dressing an animal. Before the trip, you should charge enough for the flashlight. To be sure, carrying extra batteries is also essential.

Safety Whistle or Alarm

Again, safety is essential no matter who or where you are. Having a small whistle or another type of alarm can help you stay alive in the case of a significant accident or another emergency. It can also help you signal anyone that is hunting with you that it’s time to leave the area or regroup. Don’t forget to wear a hunting boost, check out the best rubber hunting boots.


hunting gears

Locating the small game you’re hunting is the most time-consuming part of the hunt. With a good pair of binoculars, you can not only find a game faster but know if that is a squirrel you’re looking at or just a squirrel-shaped knot in a tree. All in all, this helps you save ammunition and time.

A Bag or Pack With Good Organization

Being able to get what you need out of your pack quickly in an emergency or when you come across a great opportunity is priceless. Two extra seconds could mean you lose your chance.

Rope and Paracord

There are nearly countless uses for a bit of cord of paracord. They can be used to create an alternative way to carry the game, to craft a snare, to help you take care of yourself during an emergency, or keep you from getting lost. That’s why the rope and paracord is one of the necessary things we suggest you bring along in the game.

Plastic Bags or Lightweight Containers

Again, the right bags can help you stay organized as well as prevent the game from picking up on your scent or the scent of blood by sealing it away. They are compact and lightweight to assure your convenience during the hunting trip.

Watch, Compass, and Maps

Getting lost is not a good use of your time. Being able to reorient yourself without the use of electricity, GPS, or out of range of a cell tower is helpful.
A compass and maps are the necessary tools you must have in every small hunting game. They will help you avoid getting lost in a wild and dangerous space like a forest. Furthermore, you can choose the most appropriate ways which have convenient topographic thanks to the symbols on the maps.

During a long-day hunting trip, you’ll also need a watch to know whether it is the time for setting the camp or finding woods, etc. In a more useful level, it’ll help you predict the right time the prey come up to forage for food, thus catch it easier and faster.

Scopes and Other Accessories for Your Gun or Bow


Due to the many types of weapons for hunting, the accessory ones that you’re looking for may be entirely different from what someone else might use. However, any type of visual aide is useful when hunting small game.
Let’s take the scope as an example. It has an important role in offering a more precise shot, especially in a wide bushy area. There are many good scopes in the market you can look for, from waterproof, fog-proof to dust-proof ones. They are very ideal to use in severe weather conditions.

Overall, Small Game Hunters Have Decreased

Even with all of the hunting land available, including high-quality land for sale in Michigan, hunting of small game is something fewer and fewer people are taking an interest in. This also means that small game populations are either remaining stable or, in the case of the ring-necked pheasant, sharply on the rise.

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