Swallow Symbolism: Everything There is to Know

Swallow Symbolism

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admits the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” – Maya Angelou

The symbolism of birds has been practiced since ancient times. Man has been fascinated with flying birds that have soared the sky.  Our ancestors have wanted to know what certain birds symbolize, and how they can discover its meanings.

It’s also understandable for people to admire birds for their beauty, and their ability to reach amazing heights.  Birds symbolize freedom, and flying high and free without limitation to where they can go is probably the ultimate freedom. Bird’s symbolism still exists today and the fascination of modern man has not diminished but may have even increased, especially with their favorite bird.

We will find out about the symbolism for swallow birds and what makes it one of the most interesting animal symbols from the past until the present.

Symbolism and Meaning

Swallow birds are believed by ancient people as the symbol of divinity.  It’s also believed to be the representation of the soul of someone who died.  In Greek mythology, there are reference to gods that transform themselves into swallows.

Doing harm or killing a swallow will bring bad luck to the person.  As it’s also believed that swallow is a symbol of love, peace, and loyalty.  Here are other symbolism of swallow birds:

  • Good luck
  • Renewal
  • Gracefulness
  • Nurturing
  • Independence
  • Protectiveness
  • Happiness
  • Fidelity
  • Agility

While there are still more symbolisms associated with swallow birds, these are often the ones that characterized this amazing specie.

Swallow as a Spirit Animal

Consider yourself lucky if the swallow bird is your spirit animal.  Few animal spirit has so many great qualities as the swallow bird.  That’s why it’s no wonder that you enjoy the company of friends because this is one friendly bird.

 Symbolism of Swallow

Nobody wants to be with miserable people, and miserable you are not.  You are a joyful and happy person, and people just want to be around you.  Family is very important to a swallow bird, and as your spirit animal, this only manifests even more.

If you are a parent, you are one of the best in the world not only in the eyes of your children.  Swallow birds take care of their chicks and do so with utmost love and devotion.  You know how to nurture and protect your children because they mean the world to you.

As A Totem Animal

The swallow bird as your totem animal, makes you a very skilled person capable of achieving your goals and aspirations.  You are independent-minded, but also has a strong sense of community, which makes you popular within your circle.

Your gracefulness is one of your strength, and your loyalty makes you valued by friends.  They know that you are someone they can depend on when the going gets rough.  They also know that you are there not only in good times but also in bad.

Summon your totem animal when you feel that you need some renewal.  Because you tend to be absorbed and involved with your loved ones, it’s easy to get drained.  While you are a naturally joyful and positive person, you also tend to feel pain easily with your high emotional quotient or EQ.

Swallow Power Animal  

The swallow as a power animal can be summoned when it comes to your relationship.  One main symbol of a swallow bird is its fidelity, as it usually mates with one partner for life.  You are loyal and faithful, and you expect nothing less from your partner.  As a power animal, the swallow will make you attract the same type of person into your life.

Symbolisms and Dreams

Dreaming of swallow birds are not common, and could even be very rare. When older people dream of a swallow bird, it could mean a recovery from a lingering illness.  When you see a swallow feeding its chicks, it could mean that a new addition to your family is coming soon.

When you dream of a swallow that is building its nest, it could relate to a problem that will soon be solved.  A swallow that flies away for the winter in your dream could mean bad news and that you should prepare for it.

A swallow that flew into your yard or inside your house in a dream, could mean that a long-time problem at home will be resolved soon. Generally, a swallow appearing in your dream symbolizes renewal or leaving the past behind for new beginnings.

Final Words

Don’t be fooled by its size.  The swallow is a small but strong bird that possesses a lot of skills and attributes, bigger birds could only wish they have.  So be thankful if a swallow suddenly appears into your life and wants to be part of it.  You have to embrace it and experience all the positive traits that you already have, which the swallow validates for you.

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