Spider Symbolism: Meaning, History, and Other Facts

Spider Symbolism

There’s something about spiders that I will always find fascinating. I was always drawn to how intricate their webs are, and how they just seem to move so gracefully. However, this is not always the same for everyone. Some people think spiders are mysterious and spooky.

In this article, I’ll discuss the different meanings behind spider symbolism. Here, you’ll learn a lot about these petite creatures – maybe you’ll realize that it might even be your spirit animal.

Spider Symbolism: Meaning

Symbolism of Spider

The spider is often depicted with a negative connotation, mainly because they seem like sly little creatures. However, there is so much more to spiders than what meets the eye, and I will discuss their different meanings here.


Spiders usually come in dark colors, and this gives them a mysterious appeal. These arachnids are also rarely seen, so they’re not usually considered as domestic pets that we know all too much about. Because of these qualities, spiders have been used as a symbol of mystery. If you pay attention closely, a lot of mystery-themed books and novels always mention spiders to give it a more hair-raising impact. And most of the time, it works.


Spiders are known to weave labyrinthine webs.This shows that they’re creative creatures, and this is why spiders also symbolize creativity.

Additionally, because of this act of weaving and creativity, spiders are also known to embody feminine energy. This is the reason why spiders are often portrayed as women in a lot of movies.


To catch their prey, spiders are willing to weave such complex webs, even if it takes a lot of effort and time. Because of this, they also became a symbol of patience and perseverance. Fortunately, these webs serve their purpose, catching unwanted insects in our homes while keeping these arachnids full.


Some people see spiders as a symbol of darkness – but not exactly from a negative perspective. They believe that a spider symbolizes the darkness in our lives that we choose to hide. Seeing a spider reminds us that we have to shine light onto this dark side because this is the only way for us to grow.

Life and Death

The spider has 8 legs, and in numerology, the number eight symbolizes infinity. Because of this, spiders are often seen as a symbol of the infinite cycle of life and death. Most ancient civilizations believed that spiders were the weavers of life and death because of this.


When it comes to weaving, spiders usually do the job faster than any other animal – including humans. Only they can create webs with such fine details and do so in as little time as possible. They’re also known to attack their prey and enemies with such swiftness that they barely know what hit them. Because of this, spiders have also been associated with speed.

Spider Symbolism: Meaning in Dreams

When you see spiders in your dreams, it can have a lot of meanings. This will depend on what you are going through in life.


One of the most common meanings given to seeing spiders in a dream is that it tells you of upcoming success. It is the spider’s way of telling you that your long-term perseverance will finally pay off.


Another positive symbolism attached to seeing spiders in your dream is that you will finally attain your long-term dream. This is especially true if you see a spider climbing up and down the wall.


On the other hand, seeing a spider in your dreams can also mean that you are anxious about something that you are experiencing in real life. Usually, there’s something that you have no control of, and this is causing you to be anxious. In this case, it is interpreted that the spider is telling you to accept that there are things that we simply cannot control. Doing so will release our anxiety, allowing us to live our life to the fullest.

Spider Symbolism: History

Throughout history, spiders are mentioned in different works all over the world. Although the first written literature is still uncertain, it is widely believed that the first tale relating to spiders is of Ancient Greek origin.

In this legend, there once lived a woman named Arachne, who was extremely talented at weaving. She boasted so much about her talent that she even bragged about being better than the goddess Athena.

Arachne challenged Athena in a weaving competition, where she weaved an intricate tapestry depicting the infidelity of the Olympian Gods. And although Athena admitted defeat, the imagery in the tapestry angered her greatly, causing her to punish Arachne with feeling extreme guilt for the rest of her life.

Because of the extreme guilt, she was feeling, Arachne committed suicide. Athena took pity on her and brought her back from the dead – but she still cursed and turned her into a spider who would weave webs for the rest of her life.

Spider Symbolism: Other Facts

Spiders are often depicted as mythical creatures that were entangled with our destiny. Spiders are believed to be the weavers of destinies, and this can be seen in Ancient Greek, Babylonian, and Roman myths.

In Native American literature, spiders were depicted as protectors of their warriors. They are often used as ornaments on their weapons or were painted on their warriors.

In the Cupisnique culture, spiders were worshipped as gods. They were often associated with helping in their livelihoods, such as hunting and producing textiles.

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