Snail Symbolism: What You Should Know

Snail Symbolism

“It’s better to move forward at a snail’s pace, than backward at any pace.” – Rhonda Begos

The snail may be a slow-moving creature, but it is moving.Yes, the snail is a slow creature but it was still fast enough to be able to get into Noah’s Ark, right?  Other creatures were not as focused and determined that’s why two snails beat them into it.

But seriously, the snail plays a great part in the earth’s ecosystem.  In Hawaii, tree snails specialize in feeding on the gunk that grows on leaves.  They protect the trees from diseases and saved thousands of them in the process. As a symbol, snails teach us to learn to pick which battles are worth fighting and what battles are not.  It teaches us self-reflection, and the wisdom to weigh things carefully before we put our effort and resources into it.

Symbolism of Snail

Symbolism and Meaning

There are species of snails that are found in lands, salt-water, and fresh-water.  They all symbolize deep, profound, and powerful things that can bring good luck and fortune.  They bridge the gap between land and water, and it represents the crossing of the physical and spiritual worlds.

Snail symbolism:

  • Bridges the two elements: land and water
  • Crossing of the physical and spiritual worlds
  • The spiral cycle of birth, death, and rebirth
  • The rotation of the earth around the sun
  • Home protector
  • Patience and confronting life on your own terms
  • Fertility and abundance

Snail as a Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, snails represent fertility, abundance, hard work, and wisdom.  The snails spiral shell represents the link that connects life, death, and rebirth.  Snails as spirit animals highlight your patience and intuitiveness.  You are a deep thinker and a very deliberate kind of person.

You are devoted to your family and patient when it comes to outcomes.  As long as you know that you are moving, you know that you are getting closer to your goals and no obstacle will keep you from getting to your destination.

People get attracted to you because of your genuine interest in others.  You have a strong work ethic and determined to get whatever you set your mind to.  Call on your snail spirit animal to guide you when you feel that you are stuck or in a crossroads in your personal life or career.

As a Totem Animal

When you see a snail in a place where you don’t expect to see one, or if a snail’s image suddenly pops in your mind, it is calling out to you as your totem animal.  You must give it your attention.

In today’s fast-paced world where everything has to be fast and immediate, the snail is telling you to slow down.  You may be too focused on your goals that you have failed to notice other important things in your life.

Snails as totem animals will keep you grounded when you get caught up with your success and forget the reasons why you set on your goals in the first place.  The snail is a patient creature and is telling you that sometimes it’s also important to slow things down, and that the things we take for granted maybe the things that matter.

On the other hand, the snail could also appear in your life at a time when you are stuck and seemed unable to make any progress in your life.  It could be about your personal relationship, or in your career.  In this situation, it is telling you that stagnation is the enemy of progress.  You may need to make your move even if you think it will not be easy.

Here are the usual situations of people when their snail totem appears in their lives:

  • Stagnant relationships or career
  • Unaware or in denial of destructive habits or behaviors
  • Too caught up with a fast-paced environment that results in too much stress
  • You are in an emotionally weak state
  • You are physically and emotionally drained

Snail as an Ancient Symbol

In ancient cultures, the snail is a sacred creature.  In ancient Greece, the snails represent fertility and the personification of hard work.  The Greeks look to them when the crops are to be harvested.

As for the Aztecs, the snails were sacred because the shell it carried on its back represented the circle of life.  These beliefs were preserved on their paintings, drawings, and stone carvings that have survived the ravages of time.

Some Aztec gods such as Tecciztecatl, who was the Aztec’s moon god, was said to have a big snail shell on his back.    When the snail goes back to its shell, the moon disappears into the sea.   Another Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, wore on his chest a spiral shell, which symbolizes reincarnation.

Symbolisms and Dreams

When you dream of a snail crawling without any obstacles on its path, it means you are on your way to success.  But it will take time and will be a gradual process but you will get there.

If in your dreams you see snails crawling on the sand, and next you see it on a solid ground or pavement, it is a sign that a good fortune is on your way.  The snail in your dream was able to overcome the challenges brought by the sand.  It means it has regained its strength and is poised to journey on towards its goal.

To dream of dead snails is a sign that your plan or things that you are planning to do, whether in your career or business is not going to work out.  You may want to re-evaluate your plans and see how you can improve on it or set your sights on another goal.

Final Words

Snails are unique creatures, and as symbols and spirit animals, they are powerful in their own right.  If the snail is your animal spirit, call on its positive energy and powerful symbols to guide you in your journey through life.  Whether you’re stuck or moving too fast, the snail is your best bet to get you to your destination – at your own pace.

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