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Seahorse Symbolism- That You Want To Know

Apart from the looks, a seahorse literally got nothing from the horse you see around. Neither it neighs like the latter, nor does it run like the latter. But there is one common thing that both the seahorses and horses share, and that is positive symbolism.

Seahorses are lovely sea species. It’s their unique traits that make people extract different meanings from the creature.


Masculine power:

Ancient Chinese believe that seahorses particularly represent masculinity with power. Out of poor seahorses, the people would make a special healing potion for treating issues like impotence. It also made such creatures endangered and expensive.

Patience and Serenity:

Seahorses are stated to be mild-mannered and calm species. They are seemed to be content to wander around the sea. Their body is geared for ambling like motion, so they are not associated with speed and promptness. That’s the reason why it is called to be a symbol of serenity. You will find them happy with wherever they are. Plus, their calmness shows sign of patience.

Self-contented Nature:

One of the attributes of seahorse is that it lacks evolution of body type. Since their inception, the seahorses have remained with the appearance you see today. So, it can be extracted that they do not feel the need to change themselves and that they are satisfied with who they are. That is why, it represents contentment with self, that is to be satisfied with whatever you are and whatever you have.


They can also be a symbol of persistence. They wrap their tail around the nearby object so that they can anchor themselves in turbulent water. This indicates their strong determination in order to succeed in life. Hence, it gives you a lesson of being persistent in your goals.

Responsibility Sharing and Impartiality:

One of the strange aspects of seahorses is that the male ones get impregnated by the females, hence the former can carry offspring. This can give you a message of sharing load by the men at home. It also teaches you to have perspective of both males and females while staying neutral.


Seahorses can be a symbol of protector due to having a boney exoskeleton in their physical traits. It teaches you the way of protecting yourself from external circumstances by building up borders around you. Their armor body can teach you to stop being too open to get hurt and that you shouldn’t let your guard down.


Seahorses have incredibly sharp eyesight and each of their eyes moves independently. You can take this as a symbolic message that states to be always watchful of the stuffs around you. The independent movement of eyes teaches you to take a good look around with not only your physical eyes but also with your spiritual eyes so you have a better standpoint of the situation.

History and Myths:

Majority of the people worldwide know at least how a seahorse looks like despite the fact that they have never seen them for real.

Seahorse motifs are popular since ancient periods, in a variety of designs starting from paintings, wall decors, beautiful pool to contemporary clothes, accessories and so on.Presently, seahorse motifs are found commonly in fancy summer wears and stuffs like that.

These adorable sea animals are linked with good vibes, happiness, joy, fun, summer vacation, and seaside.In coastal areas, seahorse is stated to be a mainstream motif of sailors’ folktales, superstitions and beliefs associated with marine creatures.However, there are also  some extremely popular myths, and legends related to seahorse coming from different historical times and different parts of the world.

Seahorse is present in Ancient Greek mythology. According to it, the water and sea king, mighty Poseidon, travels around the world by seahorses.They are also one of the popular motifs in old Irish and Celtic legends and folktales. In such cultures, it is supposed that seahorses bring fortune and luck to the sailors. That is why, people associate them with courage, hope, safe travel, bravery, and fortune.

Majority of the divine, aquatic deities and spirits are associated with these adorable sea species.For instance, myth says, the nymphs help sailors who lost at sea by riding seahorses. They’ve always been regarded as a positive omen for all the things related to maritime world.

To ensure safe journey and safe return, you will often find standards and banners of great naval forces featuring a motif of a seahorse.

Even they are given value in Chinese tradition. They regard them as tiny fortunate creatures. People believe that the seahorses are positive souls bringing nothing but fortune.

Things to know:

  • They are certainly strange looking sea species but their symbolisms are filled with positivity. They even have an original name, Hippocampus that literally means ‘a horse-looking monster’. It’s a Greek term, originated from terms hippo, which means ‘a horse’ and campus, which means ‘a creature’ or ‘a monster’.
  • Their certain physiology albeit makes them appear a bit ‘monstrous’, but they aren’t dreadful. They have a huge spiky bony armor that makes them look like little dragon.
  • Moreover, their bodies are shaped in specific manner, so they do look as little horses as well. We could agree on them looking like little aquatic horse dragons.
  • They also have several other unique traits like independent movement of their eyeballs, curly tails and so on.
  • Seahorses tend to swim upright and avoid hunters by imitating the color of underwater plants.
  • Seahorses are monogamous creatures, which means they will only mate with one seahorse and live with it for the rest of their lives. This adorable courtship includes spinning around each other, swimming alongside one another, displaying a variety of colors, and dancing with one another.

Wrap up:

Seahorses are watchful, persistent, patient and satisfied kind of creature. Because of its calm nature and wit, it has been able to catch people’s attention. If you are looking for an inspiration to change yourself for betterment, we would rather suggest you to be like seahorses.



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