Rooster Symbolism: Everything There is to Know

Rooster Symbolism

“A rooster will crow only when it sees the light.  Put him in the dark and he will never crow.  I have seen the light and I am crowing” – Muhammad Ali

Bold. Proud. Confident. These are just some of the traits that describe a rooster.  Roosters are proud animals that are known for their crows.  People often associate them with time as roosters often crow at the break of dawn.  As the night turns today, or the dark turns to light, roosters will often crow. The rooster was given significance in the bible when Jesus told Peter that the latter will deny him three times just before the rooster crows.  In the Catholic fate, most of the statues of St. Peter shows a rooster with him.

It’s no wonder that the rooster as a symbol is one of the most significant animal symbols that have been studied since early times.

Symbolism and Meaning

Have you noticed how a rooster walks?  It would seem nothing can intimidate this cocky animal.  With their long and curving feathers, and combs that are like crowns,  their crow seems to announce to the world that they are not to be messed with.

Throughout China and Japan, they believe that the roosters chase the evil spirits away with their loud crows.  The consistent crows at dawn makes it a dependable “alarm clock” for farmers and rural dwellers.

The rooster is a territorial animal and will protect its roost from other roosters or intruders.  It will crow to warn the hens and other chickens if there is danger such as fox or wolves.

Here are some symbolism traits of the rooster:

  • Courage
  • Vigilance
  • Pride
  • Honesty
  • Strength
  • Alertness

Rooster as a Spirit Animal

The rooster as a spirit animal will guide you to find your voice, and express your views as timidity is replaced by confidence.  But you have to be conscious of the possibility of being too confident, after all, “cocky” is a word that came from this animal.

Symbolism of Rooster

A rooster that enters your life signals that the time to rise and shine has come.  The dawning of a new day, from darkness into light, ushers a new beginning that a rooster crow symbolizes.

Wasting time is not in a rooster’s vocabulary.  As an excellent timekeeper, the rooster knows how to value time and never wastes any opportunity that comes.  And as a vigilant guard, the rooster will never be caught flat sleeping on the job.

As a Totem Animal

As a totem animal, roosters are in touch with their sexuality.  When a rooster comes into your life, expect your inhibitions to slowly decrease as you begin to embrace your sexuality and the ability to communicate it with your partner.

Call on the rooster as your totem animal if you found that you need to express yourself with more confidence.  If you need to summon the energy to gain more strength in your personal or professional life, the rooster totem will be there.

As a Power Animal

The rooster is a small animal compared to an eagle or an owl – but it doesn’t know that.  As he belts out his signature crow, the rooster believes in his ability to protect his roost and it’s hard not to be impressed by this animal’s sense of courage.  Summon the rooster’s self-belief and you will find yourself able to face life’s challenges with your back straight up, chest out, and a clear voice as if to declare to the world that you cannot be conquered.

Rooster Symbolism and Dreams

To hear the crow of a rooster in your dream may mean that you need to pay close attention to what you are doing – or not doing.  It’s a wake-up call for action and it’s time to stop procrastinating.

To dream of a rooster in its glory, standing proud with its shiny plume glistening under the sun, means it’s time for you to show your talents.  There’s no need to keep it to yourself and instead let people discover who you truly are.

Rooster in Ancient Mythology

In ancient Japanese mythology, there is the tale about a brave rooster who helped in bringing out Amaterasu the Sun goddess out of the cave, and restored light into the world.  In Portuguese folklore, a man who was wrongly accused of theft and about to be hanged was saved by a rooster’s crow.

In Jewish tradition, the rooster was seen as a symbol of honesty and gallantry.  They were viewed with reverence that temple officers were given titles of “Roosters”.

Final Words

Roosters are brave and valiant animals that will never back down in a fight.  They have no quit in them and they will defend their territories to death.  The rooster’s sense of responsibility, kindness, and courage make it an animal symbol that is worthy of respect and a source of inspiration for humankind.

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