Pig Symbolism: What You Should Know

Pig Symbolism

“Never wrestle with pigs.  You both get dirty and the pig likes it” – George Bernard Shaw

Did you know that pigs are highly intelligent animals? Pigs are not as stupid as most people think.  Experts believe that it’s easier to train pigs compared to dogs.

Surprisingly, their genetic makeup is very close to humans.  That’s why you may have read that scientists use stem cells from pigs for research to find cures for known human diseases.  But what about the symbolism?  What do pigs symbolize that are worth our curiosity and understanding? Let’s find out what makes the pig an interesting animal in terms of what it symbolizes, and search for a deeper meaning in connection with it being a spirit animal.

What does it convey when its found in our dreams?  And how can we harness its positive energy when used as a totem animal?

Symbolism and Meaning

Pigs are sometimes viewed as a laid back animal that seems to live without any worries at all.  It’s not aggressive and does not usually attack unless cornered, and simply choose to go on with life as it sees fit.

A stout animal with its round belly as one of its distinct features, it symbolizes wealth and prosperity. In many cultures, a fattened pig brings good luck especially to farmers who anticipate good crops and precious rain for abundant harvests.

Thus, a pig is a powerful symbol that brings things that are expected to be good.  But with the good also comes the bad.  A pig can also be a symbol of excess.   A symbol of overindulgence and insatiable appetite.

Pig as a Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, pigs represent fertility.  It can manifest in your life in terms of giving birth, or having the ability to re-invent yourself towards a new career, or a struggling business that has turned around and shows sign of flourishing.

Pigs also possess great strength and resiliency, overcoming even extreme weather conditions or even climate change.  It’s a great spirit animal for overcoming obstacles that seem insurmountable.  The pig will give you the strength and resiliency to move on.Symbolism of Pig

Call on your pig spirit animal when you want to be directed to new opportunities.  Also on where to look and find the things that will help you accomplish your goals. Pig as a spirit animal will also stop you from procrastinating, and focus your energy in more productive endeavors.

As a Totem Animal

As a totem animal, pigs highlight the creature’s acute sense of smell.  Call on them to guide you towards wealth and prosperity. Pigs are also symbols of intelligence so if you need to gain more knowledge and wisdom, it will be a great idea to call on your pig totem.

If your totem animal is a pig, it will guide you to live a life that is based on compassion and resourcefulness.

Pig as an Ancient Symbol

As an ancient symbol, pigs represent wealth and prosperity.  In ancient India and China, there are unearthed ceramic piggy banks with some containing ancient coins.

It also represents self-worth – knowing who you are and not minding other’s opinions of you.  They are not easily affected by others who think of them as lazy, stupid, and unclean.

Pigs will continue to accomplish their goals no matter what.  It shows their determination to overcome any obstacles along the way, and not lose sight of the end goal.

Symbolisms and Dreams

Since pigs are symbols of fertility, dreaming of a pig could mean a new life is on the horizon.  Either the birth of a human being is coming, or a career that will soon come to life.

If you dream of a domesticated pig and notice that it is unusually fat and heavy it means you will soon find yourself wealthier.  It could be a job promotion or a business venture that will make you a lot of money.

If in your dreams you find yourself offering food or feeding it to a pig, it means good luck is not far behind.  But if you are being chased by a pig in your dream, it alerts you to a build-up of excessive desire for material things, which can put you in a compromising situation later on.

Final Words

Since ancient times, pigs have been recognized in different cultures in different ways.  In the bible, pigs are generally viewed as unclean, and verses in the bible depict them as animals that seem to dirty themselves in the mud. In China, pigs have a more favorable reputation and are sought as a symbol to attract more wealth and prosperity.  In other ancient cultures, it is often favored as an animal sacrifice to the gods to seek good fortune, or for a bountiful harvest. One thing is always certain, the pig will continue to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity for years to come.

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