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Number 5 symbolism – Everything You Need To Know

Different beliefs, cultures, nations, and religions view the number 5 differently. It is present in everywhere in the form of different materials. Look at your fingers and toes, you will get 5 of them. Think of the 5 senses of humans. Several examples like these made people hold different symbolisms.

They say, when you keep on seeing the number, the angel is telling you something. Yes, it does tell you about the symbolism or the lessons it teaches.

So, here in this write, you will get to know what Angel as well as others say about the number.


5 senses:

The number 5 expresses the idea of the 5 senses, that is, touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. Since it relates to the sense of being human, it conveys a message telling you to enjoy all the things you have in your life. It is considered to give a lesson of making people learn to make the best use of their freedom with all their senses. Touch the fluffiness of your pet, taste your favorite hamburger, smell the aroma of your favorite perfume, listen to your favorite song or watch any favorite TV series. If not that, use it on a fun trip to witness the best adventure of your life. The angel number 5 teaches you to love unpredictable things.

5 stages of perception:

It is known as the process in which people are aware of the events and objects in the external world. It occurs in 5 stages: stimulation, organization, interpretation, memory and lastly callback. If you see angel number 5, it is said that you’re being guided to follow your intuitions more closely. It is called to be the symbol of insights provided by the angel to you.

In different religions: 


Number 5 has a vital place in the Bible and it has been mentioned 318 times in the Holy Book. As per the book, there are 5 big mysteries in the world, signified as the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Son, the Redemption and the Creation.

In the Bible, it has been regarded as an emblem of the goodness and grace of God. As He has been kind towards humans, the first 5 commandments describe their relationship with God, whereas the other 5 commandments talk about their bonds with other people.

Also, the Holy Book says that one should never confuse the grace of God with the merit, because the latter is only for worthy individuals. In the Bible, there are also phrases repeated five times and each phrase talks about the grace of the God. Deuteronomy which is the 5th book of the Bible, has been dedicated to the God’s grace which is why 5 is called to be a symbol of grace.

The angel number 5 is also associated with the 5 wounds of Jesus Christ which he had while being on the cross. The book says that it is the number of the divine’s will as well as the number of the universe.

It is also considered an ideal number, because, in the culture of Mayas, it has been considered an emblem of perfection.

As per the Holy Book, there are 5 types of offered the God ordered Israel to bring to Him. These are the Burnt Offering, the Peace Offering,  the Grain, the Sin, and the Trespass.

It has also been mentioned in the parable of Jesus that there were five virgins who were mad and wise.

The biblical connotation of the number 5 is also associated with the impotence and weakness of a human.


The Lord Shiva has 5 faces. His Mantra is known as the Panchakshari mantra which is the Five Worded mantra.

There are 5 elements in the universe: Dharti, Agni, Vayu, Jal, Akash (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Space).

In Hinduism, the most sacred tree has 5 leaves in every leaf stunt.

Importance is also given to the 5 Pandava princes in the epic Mahabharata. The princes are Dharma, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva.


5 is seen as an extremely crucial number In Discordianism. It is demonstrated in the Law of Fives, and in the Pentabarf containing 5 rules.

In the primary religious document, the Principia Discordia, each page is labeled with 5 digits.


There are 5 Pillars of Islam

Muslims pray to Allah 5 times a day


The Torah contains 5 books, namely, Genesis, Deuteronomy, Numbers, Leviticus, and Exodus. These are collectively called the 5 Books of Moses, the Pentateuch that is known as 5 containers in Greek. The Psalms is arranged into 5 books while having the 5 Books of Moses paralleled.

An ancient symbol shaped like a hand, the Khamsa, is used by Jews as a protective amulet. That same symbol is also widely known in Arabic cultures. It is used as protection from evil eye and envy.

Other cultures

As per the ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle, the universe has been made of 5 elements, that is, water, air, fire, earth, and ether. Such a notion was later adopted by Medieval alchemists and more recently by Neo-Pagan religious practitioners like Wicca.

The Greeks philosophers also talked about 5 principles of humans: body, psyche, animal soul, divine spirit and intelligence.

In different beliefs five-pointed star or the pentagram bears religious connotations including Baha’i, Christianity, Wicca, Freemasonry, Thelema, Taoism, and Satanism.

In Cantonese, 5 sounds like the term ‘not’. When 5 appears in front of any lucky number, such as 58, it is believed to be a symbol of unlucky.

There are 5 elements in East Asian tradition that is, earth, wood, water, fire, and metal.

There is a five-day weekly cycle in the traditional Japanese calendar that is still observed in printed calendars combining Japanese, Chinese-Buddhist, and Western names for each of the weekdays.

There are 5 cycles of the Chinese lunar calendar and 5 elements in Chinese theory.

As per the Tibetans, the 5 elements are associated with 5 geometrical forms: the cube to the ground, the flame to the ether, the half-circle to the air, the cone to the fire, and the sphere to the water.



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