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Magnolia Symbolism

Magnolia is not just a flowering plant, it hides several symbolic meanings behind its striking appearance. When flowers of the plant blooms, and you get to witness it, you will find yourself awestruck by the vibrancy of it. One thing we can certainly say, is that it never holds any negative news. That’s why whenever someone comes up with an interpretation, it’s always found to be positive.

So, let’s not gab more and find out all the symbolisms that have been extracted by people since ages.



The striking Magnolia is no wonder, an emblem of beauty. Such flowering plant conveys a message of blissful nature in human’s character. So, if someone gives you Magnolia flower, it makes a clear statement that you are nothing but simply divine.

Yin feminine side:

They also represent the feminine side in every human being, particularly in females. Such emblem has come indirectly from the pink Magnolia. And as you know, the color is stated to be more of the feminine. They can be a very ideal gift for someone who is caring, loving and gentle. They can make the receiver feel appreciated and deeply loved.

Joy and Rapport:

The yellow is the color of joy, happiness and amity, hence these are the emblem of the Magnolia flower as well. It can provide you with beautiful reminder of caring for the closed ones you love. Not only it spreads the essence of happiness but also helps build the bond strong due to its happy nature.

Purity and dignity:

Magnolias can represent dignity and purity. Such symbolic meaning is typically derived from myths and stories surrounding the origin of the plant. It can let the people know how highly respectable you are and that you will be thankful for everything the person has done for you.

Love and Romance:

The pink and red colored magnolia represents romance and love. if you are in love with the person, you can think of presenting red or pink colored magnolia since it will tell the person how strong affection and love you have for that person.


Purple Magnolia represent spirituality. One great thing is that it is a color that you can present it to almost everyone. Its positive and pure vibe makes it perfect for anyone around you.

Innocence and transparency:

White is an emblem of transparency and innocence. It conveys a message to the receiver that you think of the person’s wellbeing and betterment. It also lets the person know how valuable he or she is to you.

History And Culture:

In Victorian times, sending Magnolias used to be a subtle way of lovers sending message to one another.

White magnolias are commonly seen in the American South, particularly in bridal bouquets. They are believed to reflect and emphasize the nobility and purity of the bride.

Symbolism of the Magnolia

Pierre Magnol (1638 – 1715), a French Botanist helped scientists verify that the plants come in families and not just in specie. As you can already guess, the name Magnolia has been named after the botanist.

It was the spring of 1740, when a large magnolia arrived from North America in the city of Nantes, France. During that period, the plant was not very popular in Europe. Louis XIV who was the King of the Sun, had a botanist named Plumie. The latter was sent to the world for exploring different plants and collecting the most beautiful ones so that Louis XIV could cultivate them in the Garden of Versailles. During his stay in America, Plumie named the plant in memory of Pierre Magnol.

When it comes to Chinese, they started to name the plant long before the 1600s. While botanists and taxonomists call it Magnolia officially since the mentioned period, the Chinese call it hou po. In ancient China, magnolia was considered an ideal emblem of feminine beauty and kindness.

Magnolias originate from the genus of the same name having about 75 natural diversities of evergreen and deciduous shrubs or trees. As per a geological study, the ancestors of the flowering plant existed from 80 to 100 million-year back. To protect itself as a form of evolution, it grew a special flower that won’t have a strawberry. This will help the flower keep itself from bees.

Things to Know:

You will find about 210 species of magnolias varying in size, color, shape of the flower as well as type of the habitat

The plant typically comes from North America and East Asia. The American species flourish after scrolling whereas the Asian ones flourish before flippers. One of their natural habitats is that their tree can grow over 20 meter in height. They appear from May to September.

All varieties of magnolia are usually grown as a high bush so they can be turned into a low-height tree of around 5 meter.

Presently, the commonest species are stated to be Magnolia ovate, Magnolia stellata and Magnolia liliflor. They have a strong, pleasant fragrance that has a small trace of lemon or citrus like scent.

The shape of Magnolias differ from bowl, cuprous, to star shapes. They can bloom in completely white, purple, pink, as well as in different variations of yellow and white. They have large, leathery, shiny leaves. Their fruits are just like the seeds that no longer linger with branches after their shoots. The benefits of Magnolias have been popular since ancient times. As a traditional medicine, the Japanese and Chinese used the medicinal extract of its bark for 2,000 years. Presently, such extracts are used in medicine, as well as in the cosmetics industry. There are several shampoos that also include the extract of magnolia as one of the ingredients. The life expectancy differs from specie to specie. Majority of them are known to survive for 100 year or longer.

Wrap up!

Magnolia has the power to win people’s heart with its beauty. The availability of the flower’s different colors made it vacant for everyone. You can literally present it to anyone, be it your love, your best friend, your family or colleague. The meaning it will convey to the receiver will surely bring a joy in their life. We guess, that’s the main purpose and symbolism of the Magnolia.

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