November 10, 2018

How To Conceal Carry A Full-Size Gun

I must confess I am a big- gun lover. In fact, one of my new year’s resolution is to replace my Glock 19 which has a shorter barrel making it a rather smaller gun with the Glock 17 or the H&K VP9 . If only the society allowed me without doubting the normalcy of my state of mind, I wouldn’t think twice about having a Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum with the 6.5- inch barrel. Although to many it may seem almost impossible to carry big guns around, I have a different opinion guided with facts on how one can comfortably carry them around.

Just think of it, if it were really impossible to carry them around, where did the designer intend them to be carried in the first place? I believe not everyone is with me in this, but my advice is to my fellow big- gun lovers, if you love it go for it and among the many ways of carrying you will surely find one that suits your tool.

Back to the business of the day, the following are some of the ways to comfortably carry a larger gun that I have sampled:

Inside-the-Waistband Holster

This would be my number recommendation even though it depends highly on your body type. A hybrid inside the waistband holster is a perfect solution since other than having a kydex mold for the pistol with a tight snap fit to hold the heavy gun in place; its big leather back panel makes the gun feel lighter by distributing the weight over a large area. It is also made in such a way that the gun is always angled forward making it unlikely for one trip from the back when a carrying a gun with a taller grip.

Most of them come with a clip which attaches to the holster. The clip can help hold the gun even when you are not wearing a belt. The clip can be replaced with a loop since most clips come off with the gun upon withdrawal, unlike a loop which can never come off your belt when withdrawing your gun. If you need The best Glock 19 concealed carry holster, then this might also be your ultimate choice. However, I would prefer a web

Sexy Undergarments

Although this may provide a challenge when it comes to withdrawing the gun since you have to access your inner garments first, it is a carriage method that has been tested and found to work pretty well. All you have to do is to adjust wardrobe and get some spandex underwears. For example shirt with a gun security strap placed under the arm. The shirt may also feature a pocket beneath it. The size of the pocket should be chosen depending on the size of the gun. This method is best suited for small guns anyway. There are cases of underpants too with inner pockets for holding guns.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are also an effective solution to carrying guns. They are mostly associated with the security guards most of whom spend their time in the office. Shoulder holsters are best suited for you who spend most of your time seated. When using them, you have to put on either a blazer or a sweatshirt to cover your gun. However, the cover garments may not be necessary should you acquire a tuckable holster.

They allow for carriage of extra magazines too thus the weight of the gun is evenly distributed over the shoulders. Since they have the muzzle hanging behind you, you have to be keen not to muzzle the people around you. I would recommend them for anyone who carries more than one magazine.

If you have a thinner body may prefer the inner waistband to a shoulder holster because you might be forced to place the holster in a vertical position to hide the gun since with a shoulder holster the barrel could poke at the rear of your outer clothing. The grip might also print to the front.

Off The Body Carriage Methods.

Imagine when you are going swimming or jogging, and you have to carry a gun. In such situations, the off body carriage methods come in handy. These methods involving using carriage devices purses, belly packs or sling packs. Personally, I would recommend the sling pack due to the ease of access to your gun while concealing it appropriately.

They work in such a way that, they have a single strap backpack which can be rotated the front of your body easily for easy access to the gun compartment. They are very convenient when engaging in outdoor activities like jogging, hiking and especially for athletes. But the fact that they are off the body is a disadvantage in itself since in case you are caught off guard they might not be of any use to you since reaching out for them might be a problem.Belts.

There are also special belts in the market used for carrying guns. By special I mean gun belts and not just any other ordinary belt. Acquiring a proper belt specifically modified to carry a larger gun is not a bad move and won't hurt a bit. One thing with belts is that they vary in quality. You can either acquire a full custom leather belt which may last years, but of course, it will get worn out with time or a web belt. I would go for the latter since it does not wear out. Instead, only the Velcro on it will wear out which makes them cheap in the long- run.​

All in all the type of gun you carry and how you carry it is also determined by among other things your body physique. I will admit that big guns come with its own carriage challenges so you must be sure of what you Want and what you are willing to do to keep it. But always remember that your security comes fast and personally I would compromise everything to ensure my safety.

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