January 4, 2019

How to Brew Coffee When Hunting Deer Outside

There are some people who simply can’t live without coffee. The caffeine helps them to stay awake, to be more alert, and to think clearly. So, each morning starts for them necessarily with coffee.

However, if you need your daily fix while you’re out hunting deer, this might be a little more difficult for you.

It’s often said that deer have a superb sense of smell and will be able to smell the coffee you’re brewing.

You’ll also need to be careful about making noise because, if you’ve ever been around deer, you’ll know that even the smallest noise will shock them.

So, without further ado, here is how you can brew coffee while hunting deer.

Make It at Home

Of course, this is the easiest way. If you’re too worried about the possibility of deer smelling your coffee or running away from noise, just bring your own.

You can simply brew your coffee at home in exactly the way you prefer. Then, pour it into a thermos to keep it warm and fresh, as the Daily Cupo suggests, and take it with you on your hunting trip.

Taking your own coffee with you can help ensure that you won’t make a lot of noise while brewing it in the forest.

​Use Good Water

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When brewing coffee, the first and most important step is that you use good water. If you’re going to make coffee in the forest, either take your own water (which you should do, anyway), or make sure you find a clean water source.

This means that your water should be cold and clear. You don’t want to use just any old water that you find along the way, because you don’t know what it could be contaminated with.

You could also purchase a water filter, such as this one, which will help to clear the water you use of any impurities.

Use a Press Pass

This is one of the easiest ways for you to make coffee, especially if you will be spending the day out hunting. And, it’s less likely to disturb any deer you come across.

Press passes are hard to break and are light to carry. You’ll simply need medium-ground coffee and hot water. After waiting for about five minutes, press the plunger downwards and you’re good to go.

There are many press passes designed specifically for hunting, and there’s barely any noise involved. There are many hunters who swear by this method and claim that it makes the process of brewing coffee much easier and the coffee taste much better.

Use a Percolator

Percolators were used pretty often in the past, but there are still some people who like to use them. What percolators do is use gravity to cycle the brew that has either boiled or almost completely boiled through the coffee grounds.

This site suggests that, in order to ensure the best flavor possible, you remove your percolator from heat as soon as the coffee is the color you want it.

Make It on an Open Fire

So for this one, you may want to choose to do this a little further away from the area you choose to hunt in because fire can make noise.

However, you make the fire is up to you. You can make it the way you learned to while camping, or you can take your own miniature stove.

Fill ⅔ of an enamel pot with cold water, and add as much ground coffee as you’d like. After putting it on medium heat, watch the water for when bubbles start to form along the sides or for when it starts to steam. This is when you’ll want to take it off the heat.

Allow the coffee to steep for a few minutes. You can also pour cold water on it so that the coffee grounds will settle. Now, your coffee is ready.

Can Deer Really Smell Coffee?

There are lots of hunting forums dedicated to this very topic. People have argued about the true answer to this. Most people say that deer can indeed smell coffee. They’ve also included their own experiences with drinking coffee while hunting deer, claiming that it did not have an effect on their ability to hunt.

The deer are likely to be able to smell your coffee. However, coffee is a natural scent. Also, scent by itself is not very likely to be able to deter deer.

They will be curious and may try to figure out where the scent is coming from. But making coffee is not going to ruin your hunting trip based on scent alone.

You’ll have to be much more careful about any noise that you might make. Having new scents around and making loud noise is almost guaranteed to cause deer to run away.

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Coffee And Hunting Trip

Being a coffee addict might make you wonder how to make coffee when going on a hunting trip.

Despite the fact that deer can smell your freshly brewed coffee, the chances of them running away from it are not very high.

Your best bet is to simply make your own coffee and bring it in a thermos, which is a perfect way to keep your coffee fresh and flavorful, according to the Daily Cupo. This will also save you time while hunting.

Or, you can buy your own press pass or percolator. These are perfect ways to avoid using electricity while also making great coffee.

If you’re going to be making a campfire, you can also simply boil the coffee grounds over an open fire, but be careful to do this a little further away from the place you choose to hunt.

Deer are much more likely to be scared by noise than by scent, so be sure to avoid making any noise if possible. You simply making coffee to drink will not ruin your next hunting trip.

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