Hexagon Symbolism: What You Should Know

Hexagon Symbolism

Bees are one of the most efficient insects on the planet. To make a half-kilo of honey, bees must collect nectar from millions of flowers. A bee has to fly an equivalent of 145,000 kilometers, enough to circle the earth three times, to produce a half-kilo or a pound of honey  The bees must have a storage system that will lessen or even eliminate wastage in storing honey.

In nature, patterns and geometry are everywhere.  But it seems that nature has a particular preference for the number “six”.  Beehives, insect eyes, marine skeletons, rocks, etc. all have one thing in common – a hexagon.

In geometry, a hexagon is a polygon with six equal sides, and for the bees, the hexagon is the perfect shape to build their homes.  Based on studies done by scientists, the hexagon is the most efficient use of materials and space for the beehives.  Nature and the bees seem to know this.

Symbolism and Meaning

Symbolism of Hexagon

Since hexagon can be found throughout nature, it symbolizes harmony, structure, and balance.  The hexagon is a very powerful geometric shape and is in many religious and spiritual symbols.  It’s in the shape of The Star of David, the most identifiable symbol of Modern Israel.  It’s composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star.

For Israel and the Jewish people, this is a symbol of martyrdom and heroism.  This is the same hexagonal symbol that Jews were forced to wear as a yellow badge during the Nazi occupation of Europe.

The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah also referred to as the Kabbalistic tree of life, is a hexagon-shaped symbol representing the creation of the universe.  The Hagal Rune is another religious symbol composed by the northern tribes of ancient Europe.

In ancient Germanic culture, the Hagal Rune is symbolized as the portal that leads to the realms of salvation.  It is also a symbol of rebirth and reincarnation.

Hexagon as a Symbol of Strength

The hexagon is the strongest shape of all.  We know that beehives are hexagon-shaped, and it’s no accident that bees in their instinct, chose it over other shapes to construct their homes.  Aside from the ability to hold more honey as compared to other shapes, it requires less wax to build but the most strength under compression.

In the mechanical engineering world, the hexagon is acknowledged to have the best torque.  And there is a reason why the nuts, or joints of pipes are shaped in a hexagon.  It makes it more structurally stable and strong.  If you make more than six corners for a nut, the corner’s angles wouldn’t be as hard and it would slip easily.  If you make it only with four sides, it would be harder but there would be less surface area applying torque to the nut.

Hexagon as the Building Blocks of Creation

Hexagon as we’ve already stated, is abundantly found in nature.  From beehives, to the eyes of a dragonfly, to the shape of a snowflake.  But you may fail to notice that the hexagon can be found in your very core.

If you think about it, there are billions of them in our body which is mind-boggling. And we are talking about the element that make up our body – Carbon.  It’s the element that is present in our DNA, the blueprint of life.

DNA dictates what will be the color of your hair, your eyes, or your skin.  To put it simply, DNA is the basis for life on earth.  It’s in every living thing.  Without it, life is not possible.  As important as it is in the order of creation, why is it that DNA should take the shape of a hexagon?  Why not a triangle or a square?

It’s clear that nature is partial towards hexagon and for it to be the shape of the building blocks of creation says a lot about its importance among all types of shapes.

Hexagon as Symbol of Perfect Shape

Have you stopped and look at the shape of the tortoise’s shell?  If you magnify a snowflake what shape would you see?  Yes, you’re right, both are in the shape of a hexagon.

The eyes of the dragonfly are collections of tiny eyes called compound eyes.  Amazingly each eye forms a shape of a hexagon.  Thirty thousand hexagonal eyes are packed to form the eyes.  Scientists say that it is the world’s most sophisticated and advanced type of vision.   Packing 30,000 tiny eyes in an eye is only possible because of a hexagon’s high packing efficiency.

If you look closely at a football, you will see that it’s a combination of a polygon and hexagon.  It consists of 12 pentagon patches and  20 hexagons.  A hexagon is the only shape that resembles a circle and accommodates close filling without wasting so much space.

The hexagon is a symbol of perfect shape that allows for high efficiency whether in a beehive, the back of a turtle, the shape of the nut, or the mind-blowing eyes of a dragonfly.

Hexagon and Saturn

The association between the Hexagon and Saturn is worthy of study.  We know that a hexagon has 6 sides.  Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun.

On the north pole of Saturn, NASA satellites were able to take images of a massive hexagonal storm.  It’s shape and size enough to envelope planet earth.  Scientists cannot explain why the Storm shape on Saturn is a hexagon.

Final Words

Hexagon symbolizes balance, harmony, and structure.  It’s a shape that abounds in nature, and man took notice, and made it one of the most important shapes necessary in building things.

From the beehive’s structure to religious symbols such as The Star of David, and the shape of DNA, the hexagon is a shape that rules them all.  It’s the ability to maximize the bee’s honey production may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But, it’s these seemingly “insignificant” details that prove that hexagon is everywhere.

Whether the tiniest matter in carbon and DNA, to the massive storm, found in Saturn enough to fill the whole of the earth, the hexagon it would seem, is nature’s favorite shape.

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