Hawk Symbolism in Christianity: Meaning, Biblical Passages, and Interesting Facts

Hawk Symbolism in Christianity

Hawks are revered creatures. Aside from being one of the best hunters in existence, they’re also known for their grace and agility. There’s just something so regal and majestic about them. From a spiritual perspective, hawks are regarded as messengers from the spiritual realm. They are expected to bring good news to those who see them, whether in reality or their dreams.

In this article, I will talk about hawk symbolism in Christianity, related biblical passages, and other interesting facts about hawk symbolism.

Hawk Symbolism in Christianity

Hawk Symbolism in Christianity: Meaning

In Christianity, the meaning behind hawk symbolism varies as to when you encounter a hawk. Vision and wisdom. When a person encounters a hawk, it is believed that the hawk is trying to tell him to open his eyes to things he used to turn his back on. Alternatively, it can also mean that he is being encouraged to share his wisdom with others who choose to keep their eyes closed.
Faithfulness. Hawks are among the few species who are known to mate for life. Because of this, couples who see hawks are considered to be blessed with a monogamous marriage.


It has been said that people who see wild hawks are being warned about having materialistic lifestyles. They are encouraged to change their ways.

Embracing Christianity

On the contrary, those who see tamed hawks are assured that they are on the right path towards embracing Christianity. It means that their spirit is already being honed to turn away from sin and to welcome a life filled with Christian virtues. Take note that the symbolisms I have previously discussed only apply to those who encounter hawks. In the next part of my discussion, I will reveal symbolism if the hawk appears in their dreams.


If you randomly see a hawk in your dreams, it symbolizes a need to stay alert. The hawk in this dream is trying to tell you that there is something in your waking life that needs attention, but you keep on neglecting.


If the hawk is peacefully flying across the vast sky, it is likely telling you of a great future ahead of you. It symbolizes a future where you are holding a position of great respect.


On the other hand, if you’re dreaming of a hawk who is merely hovering with other birds, it is telling you that you are being anxious. It may be something that’s happening in real life, or something in the future will trigger your anxiety.


If your dream involves trying to kill a hawk, it is said to be a premonition of victory. This symbolizes defeating your enemies – whether in real life or your inner monsters.


Dreaming of a hawk carrying a snake also has a positive connotation. Those who see this dream are expected to experience success in a lot of aspects of their life.

Hawk Symbolism in Christianity: Biblical Passages

The bible is replete with passages of stories involving hawks. In the Old Testament, God asked Job about how hawks fly. It has been interpreted to mean that hawks fly according to the laws of nature, and not according to the wisdom of man. It tells us that there are things that we cannot control, so we just have to accept them for what they are.

In the same Book of Job, there is mention of riches that remain unseen, even for the sharp eye of the hawk. This means that we are blessed beyond what we can even imagine. In Leviticus, the Bible narrated a list of animals that were not safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, hawks were included in the list. A similar passage can be found in the Book of Deuteronomy. This means that hawks are also seen as unclean animals.

A chapter in the Book of Isiah makes mention of hawks who stay with their mate. This strengthens the belief that hawks are monogamous beings. These are among the most notable depictions of hawks in the Bible. Other references to hawks can be
found in the books of Daniel and Jeremiah.

Interesting Facts About Hawk Symbolism in Christianity

Although hawk symbolism is prevalent in Christianity, other cultures also consider the hawk as a source of divine messages. In ancient Egypt, hawks were considered godly. In fact, Horus, their God of the Sky, was depicted as a man with the head of a hawk. In some works, he was depicted as a hawk who was eagerly watching over Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians also believed that hawks were favored by Ra, the Sun God. Some would take care and worship hawks in the belief that they are the favored messengers of Ra. They become confident that Ra will answer their prayers.

Others also believe that hawks can protect us from illnesses and other earthly evils. They believe that being guided by the hawk’s wisdom will lead them away from the enemy. Similarly, they believe that the hawk will swiftly save them from danger.

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