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Grey Symbolism

Whenever you think of something grey, no matter what emblem pops up in your mind, there is always one thing that it is associated with: gloominess. That is why, most of the symbolisms people came up with are found to be contain negative connotations.

Although, one positive thing is that it is a neutral color which you can guess what message it conveys. Other than that, it is regarded as a dull color having no colors of life.


Neutral and dull:

While grey is stated to be a mix of black and while, it is also known as a balanced, cool and neutral color. Since it does not remain on either of the black or white side, it is found to be unbiased. It does not take sides and judge others making it a symbol of fairness.

It does not lead with chromatic colors of emotions, the reason for which it is found to be unusually detached. Because it gives you an aloof mood, it is typically linked to the representations of dirty, dull and dingy.


Grey is called to be one of the calm colors indicating that it will never bother you and foist its beliefs on you. It knows how to respect boundaries which makes it a peaceful presence. People signify it offering an unmatched level of tranquility that can transform energy into stillness.


Not just that, in some cases, it is also considered being too subdued. Because of being a quiet color, it is associated mostly with people who are introvert in nature. Some people also think that, grey color can lead someone to unwanted self-reflection because of its conservative nature.

Depression and Sadness:

Anything grey colored will give you an imagery of sadness and depression, hence the representation. It is timeless and practical color but since it does not have any chromatic color involved, it gives you a sad vibe. That’s why, most of the pictures or videos you see of struggles, despair, and hopelessness of people are turned into greyish. This way, you will get to connect to the mood of the situation in a better way.


Being a combo of 2 dominant colors, grey also struggles with its identity. As it thinks it lacks depth, it has no desire to explore itself. Hence, it decides to conform depending on the situation. As it does not have any personality of its own, it appears in different shades relying on the colors it gets mixed with. Hence, it is associated with those humans who adapt to the situation they are on.


Grey is a color often linked to obligation and maturation. This color is seen in human hair when they grow older. It teaches you about the responsibility you have being an adult and mature. It also conveys a message of wisdom and experience that prime of life offers you.


Because grey is a dull color, it also ends up leading other colors to grab attraction. That is the reason why it is often used as a good background color for other hues helping it give prominence to them. IN the world of different industries, it is also stated to be one of the main colors in mobile phones, calculators, machineries, and laptops making it highlight elegance and being able to adapt to any background it’s placed against.


In Europe and America, grey is stated to be one of the least popular colors. Both the regions also associate the color with modesty. In a European survey, only 1% of men called it their favorite color, and 13% said it was their least favorite color. As for the women, their response was almost the same.

As per color historian Eva Heller, ‘grey is called to be extremely weak to be regarded as masculine, but then again, it also stated to be extremely menacing to be regarded as a feminine color. Neither, the color is warm nor cold, neither spiritual nor material. With such color, nothing seems to be certain.’ Grey also denotes undefinedness.

As it has already been mentioned that grey is called to be a symbol of old age and the elderly in many cultures because of its association with grey hair. Because The New York Times has a long history and esteemed position in journalism in the United States, it is sometimes called the Great Lady.

According to the Bible, grey stands for old age. A gray head is stated to be a crown of glory, and that it’s found in the way of righteousness.

In the Christian religion, it is also known as the color of ashes. Hence, it is called to be a biblical sign of repentance and mourning described as ashes and sackcloth. The color is used on special days of prayer and fasting as well as during Lent. Being the color of modesty and humility, it is worn by monks of the Cistercian order,  Franciscan order and order of Friars Minor Capuchin. The clergy of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church is seen to wear Grey cassocks.

When it comes to Buddhist priests and monks in Korea and Japan, they often wear a sleeved grey, black or brown, outer robe.

According to Islamic tradition, grey hair leads to the spiritual enlightenment of a person. Thus, plucking the grey hair or dyeing is against the norms of the religion.

In China, Taoist priests also wear grey colored clothes mostly.



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