Daffodil Symbolism: Meaning, History, and Interesting Facts

daffodil symbolism

Springtime is considered as one of the most beautiful seasons. During this time, the freezing winter begins to melt away, while colorful flowers begin to bloom. Among the flowers first to bloom are daffodils and that’s what our Daffodil symbolism piece is all about today.

Daffodils are considered as one of the most picturesque flora to ever exist. Their trumpet-shaped flowers usually appear bright or pastel yellow, which perfectly contrasts their white petals. Another variety of daffodils also appear with an orange trumpet resting inside yellow petals.

But regardless of its color, we can all agree that the daffodil’s beauty is exceedingly vibrant. Did you know that daffodils contain various symbolism?

daffodil symbolism

The Meaning of Daffodil Symbolism


Daffodils usually bloom at the beginning of Spring. Since it marks the end of the gloomy winter, it gives us a sense of renewed energy to help us face the coming days. In a way, it’s a source of inspiration for people who wish to live a new life. This is how it became a symbol of rebirth.


In Asian countries like China, daffodils begin to bloom in time for the Chinese New Year. As a result, they believe that daffodils will bring them fortune and prosperity for the year ahead.


The trumpet-shaped flower of the daffodils symbolizes happiness. Just like how a trumpet is used to announce festivities, the daffodil encourages us to likewise celebrate the simple things in life.


When the first daffodil blooms to signify the end of winter, it tells us that we don’t have to suffer in the cold for long. This is why the speck of color amidst the pale snow is a sign of hope for many.

Forgiveness and peace. Daffodils with white petals symbolize forgiveness. This is because the color white is often associated with peace.


Yellow daffodils symbolize positivity. The color yellow is recognized as a symbol of positive energy and good cheer. Because of this, we now associate yellow daffodils with keeping a positive attitude towards life.


In some beliefs, daffodils also symbolize harmony. This stems from the fact that daffodils have six petals, and in numerology, the number six is regarded as the most harmonious number.

The History of Daffodil and It’s Symbolism

The origin of daffodils is not yet known, but there is proof that daffodils already existed during ancient times. But during this time, the flower was called the Narcissus plant.

According to an ancient Greek legend, Narcissus was a hunter who was known for his enthralling beauty. When he saw his reflection in a pool, he became so enamored with his reflection and refused to leave the place where he sat.

After realizing that only he could love himself, his burning passion caused him to melt away. In his place, there then stood a beautiful flower that had a slender stalk that allowed it to bend over and marvel at its reflection. The people then referred to it as the Narcissus plant.

In another version of the legend, Narcissus was punished by Nemesis, the goddess of revenge. In the story, Narcissus was admired by many but he kept pushing them away. Nemesis didn’t like how Narcissus treated people, so she decided to lure him into a pool.

Once Narcissus sat by the pool’s edge, he saw his reflection and fell deeply in love with it. When he realized that the reflection was himself, he became so distraught by the fact that no one will love him as much as he loves himself.

As a result, Narcissus committed suicide. On the ground where his body once lay then grew the most beautiful flower they had ever seen. It was then named after Narcissus.

Interesting Facts About Daffodil Symbolism

Aside from being a symbol springtime, daffodils are also known for other things. To begin with, the daffodil is the national flower of Wales. The Welsh had a belief that if you saw the first daffodil of the season, you will be showered with blessings throughout the year.

Another notable fact about daffodils is that it usually blooms during the celebration of the feast day of St. David, the patron saint of Wales. Because daffodils symbolize hope, the American Cancer Association used the daffodil as its official symbol. Similarly, it is also a symbol of hope in France.

On the other hand, the Chinese regard daffodils as the official symbol for the Chinese New Year. A bouquet of daffodils is often given as a gift on a couple’s tenth wedding anniversary. In other cultures, these are given to people born in March.

The daffodil plant also has considerable uses. The flower was once used as an aphrodisiac and a cure for baldness. Oil was also extracted from the plant to be used as an essential oil to help people relax.

Daffodils are noted for being a diverse flora. Currently, there are around 50 species of daffodils with over ten thousand varieties. They can be as small as a few inches, or as tall as two feet.

Nevertheless, botanists can agree on one thing: daffodils possess a unique charm that certainly allows them to stand above the rest.

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