Cherry Blossom Meaning and Symbolism: Everything You Need to Know

Cherry blossom flowers have a secret message for you!

It wishes you to be in tune with your feelings and live your life as best as you can, no matter how short it is. This is at the core of Cherry Blossom meaning & symbolism for you.

You will get a lot of things that you need to accomplish, but sometimes the mortal nature of life can depress you.

But you should not feel that way. If you look at the cherry blossom flower, you will realize that your willpower and optimism can change the whole outlook.

This is what the flower represents. And if you want to know what else it symbolizes, scroll your mouse down right away!

Cherry Blossom Meaning and Symbolism

The Meaning of Cherry Blossom Flowers

Cherry blossom is a kind of flower from a tree called ‘Sakura’ in Japan. This is a cherry blossom tree, however not completely native to the country.

Japan culturally admire cherry blossoms with ‘Hanami’ that is a ceremonial reception. It is a symbol of good luck, holds a metaphor of short-lived nature of mortality and emblem of love.

You will find a variety of hidden symbolism behind this beautiful flower.

Cherry Blossom Meaning and Symbolism

Mortality: Cherry blossom flower is regarded with high esteem in Japan. It can be symbolized as a mortality since the tree owns short lifespan. Japanese celebrate Hanami and wonder the fleeting nature of mortality and life. Such notion has also been associated with the ideals of Buddhism regarding the essence of life. To add more, the flower is also admired by the samurai culture of Japan for their short-life expectancy.

Not only that, the flower also symbolizes drops of blood for the Japanese people.

Femininity and power: The flower is commonly linked to femininity and power in China. The people consider it a sign of female beauty or sexuality and control, when they think of the flower. The flower can be used to define attractive look of women as well as their capacity to dominate men with their charm. Moreover, it also is a symbol of feminized emotions.

Love: The appearance of cherry blossom flower can make you fall in love with it. Although, it does not live long, but people tend to adore it to the fullest during their bloom. So, it can represent love and passion. In Chinese herbal traditions, the flower is considered a sign of love.

Optimism: In Japan, the tree overlaps with the calendar and fiscal years. It represents as the arrival of new beginning. For instance, it can be used as a metaphor to denote an employee’s first day at work or a kid’s first day in school. The intensity and liveliness of the flower grant the license to dream and hope for better things to come. The presence can trigger you to think with optimism and passion.

Humanity: Because of its short lifespan, it teaches you to be kind and generous. So, it can be represented as morality and humanity. Just like the tree, the life of human can end any moment. So, it alerts you to live life to the fullest by helping humankind and be understanding.

Rebirth: In early 710, Hanami emerged as a ritual way before the rise of primitive Japan, it was believed that the cherry blossom tree represented as a sign of rebirth. In folk religions of Japan, it used to be regarded as those mountains deities converted into rice paddles gods. As a result, it symbolized reproduction of agriculture. It dates back to the time when people of Japan worshiped the tree by traveling to the mountain in spring, and then shifted to inhabited regions.

The Cherry Blossom Color Symbolism

Pink: Pink is the primary color of cherry blossom flowers. The fascinating flower of the tree is mostly popular for the bright pink color. The color also carries a hidden symbolism that is of romance, affection and love. The flowers express this sort of feelings and emotions while being a symbol. Once you look at the cherry blossom flower, it will remind you of all those feelings instantly. So, it can be a perfect gift to give to your love.

White: White color refers to the sign of spirituality, innocence and purity. The flower of cherry blossom coming in white looks simply striking. It can be a metaphor for divinity. They may not be the most eye-catching or giant flowers, but the color has the ability to make you connect to it spiritually.

Yellow: Yellow color can represent cheerfulness, happiness, and positive vibe. The color is able to bring a smile on your face every time you look at it in your backyard or your garden.

It also can be a sign of family bond and friendship. Giving it to someone from your family or friend will make them know how much special they are in your life.

Purple: Purple color can symbolize magnificence and royalty. Such color is associated with divinity and purity as well. Moreover, the flower of cherry blossom comes in a rare dark purple. So, you will notice small splashes of it.

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