Bumblebee Symbolism: The Meaning, History & Things to Know

Bumblebee Symbolism

You know from where you can learn to be productive to reach your goal? It’s from a bumblebee and that’s why Bumblebee symbolism is important.

Not only they can bee a great teacher but also their symbolisms can play a great role in your life.  

As a result, we thought to let you know interesting factors about bumblebee that can excite you much.

Bumblebee Symbolism

Bumblebee Symbolism: The Meaning of it All

Bumblebee is stated to be a very productive bee specie. So, the most common meaning you will find for bumblebee symbolism is that it represents the triumph of your goal by diligent work.

Such bees harvest nectars and transform them into honey. It is such a product that never spoils over the time.

Bumblebee tells you to take whatever it is there and work with it following eternal and timeless goals. It may sound haughty but once you achieve them, you will feel proud of it. Of course, the bees do the hardworking job with the help of other, so you are likely to have same attribute.

Moreover, they also are a representation of good luck.

There are different symbolisms of bumblebees, some of them have been highlighted here:

Productivity: Since the bees stay focused on their job and don’t get sidetracked from it, you will find them productive.

Positivity: Their legs are stated to be very sensitive body parts that they use to taste. We can say that the bees remind you to slow down and taste the sweet nectar of life.

Medical condition: If you have this power animal, you may also be likely to have diabetes and hypoglycemia. So, we advise you to have good nutrition and regular workout.

Interconnectedness: The bumblebees hold power of service as they are a vital pollinator of different plants. Their movement from one plant to other symbolizes interrelation between all living things. They are a symbol of messenger that brings service and secrets of life.

Reaching life-goals: You should follow the lead of bumblebee if it finds you. This will help you reach your destination that will best suit you for your new life awakening.

Warrior: North Americans consider them a fighter. Bees are able to defend themselves just like warriors. So, you can also have the same fierce trait. They represent themselves as the protectors of nature. So, you should not disrespect them or their homes if you face them.

Business totem: Bumblebees are also symbolized as business totem in commerce especially by Chinese. This is due to their busy nature during the work hours. Moreover, they also symbolize wealth that can be caused due to the outcome of their goals.

When Can You Ask Help from Bumblebee?

  • Need help for communicating with the people.
  • Need good concentration.
  • Need to have prosperity.
  • Aren’t sure whether you’re aligned with your goals.
  • Would wish to listen to your inner voice.
  • Would wish to have wisdom.
  • Need to understand energy of female warrior

How to Obtain the Power of Bumblebee Symbolism?

  • Extraction of the sweetness of life.
  • Showing productivity when the sun shines
  • Following your dreams.

The History of Bumblebee Symbolism

The term ‘bumblebee’ is a mix of ‘bumble’ and ‘bee’. The term bumble refers to drone, buzz, hum or move ineptly.

The bee has a generic name called Bombus which is given by French entomologist Pierre André Latreille in 1802. It has been borrowed from Ancient Greek word ‘bómbos’ and derived from Latin word for a buzz-like sound.

Things to Know About Bumblebee Symbolism

When the nest gets very hot, the bumblebees put themselves up near the entrance and air with their wings to reduce the warmth. The hotter the nest is; the more working bees join so that they can keep their preferred temperature at around 86-degree Fahrenheit. The bumblebee dies if its body temperature goes above 111-degree Fahrenheit.

Bumblebees are covered in oily film making them water-resistant. They leave a chemical signature behind while landing on a flower. It is for other bees to inform them not to land on the same flower since it’s nectar has been pillaged. It is their oily-footprints that help other bees know.

The bee doesn’t die after it stings. So, it is expected that it can sting you again without any hesitation. Although, male bee does not have own a stinger. So, it’s the female one that stings. However, female bee is not very aggressive either. So, it won’t sting unless you’re bumping into the nest.

Male bumblebee does not have father and it only possesses one chromosome. A queen-bee just needs to lay an unfertilized egg to produce a son. And for producing daughters, it needs to fertilize the egg with sperm that it stores since last summer. The daughters are the ones who make up the entirety of their work-force.

There are about 46 species of bumblebees found in North America. Such bees will have a total of 300-400 working bees.

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