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Blue Heron Symbolism – All You Need To Know

Once you trigger the Blue Heron within you to take a flight, you can get yourself into a different world of creativity, we can assure you that.

Blue Heron just like its color can mingle well with nature, be it sky, ocean or earth. Not only its color, but its nature and way of living life carries deeper meaning that made people have different symbolism. So, we thought that you should also know what messages do blue heron convey and why you should be like this bird.



Blue heron is one of the solitary creatures. They don’t live in flocks. As they spend most of the time with themselves, they can be seemed to become their own best ally. Hence they are called as the symbol of self-discovery. It teaches you to take time out of busy schedule and get to know thyself truly.

The most effective way would be to spend time alone by putting away all the distractions, be it cell phone, social media, playstation or anything that makes noise. Sit quietly with yourself and be in the present moment. Once you start knowing your weaknesses, strengths and talents, you can become your own best ally. This way, you will also get to increase your self-confidence and by then, others perspective about you won’t bother you at all.

Good Luck:

Herons are regarded as an emblem of good luck. If you have the bird as your spirit animal, consider yourself lucky. Blue heron also comes with a good news as it enters your life.


Young blue heron gradually becomes independent from the care of their parents. It enlightens you about the need to be self-reliant. That is why it is known as a symbol of independence. It teaches you to establish some limits to your privacy and life.

Good Parenting:

Such birds are considered good parents. They take turns in providing for their child. For this, it is stated to symbolize good parenting. It helps you realize your duties as a parent.

Patience and Persistent:

Such bird is a patient hunter. It barely moves and hunts for the surface of the water with their eyes unblinking. It does not even dare to breathe since the slightest breath can cause a ripple in the water. It waits and stands static like tall sculpture unless an unwary fish swims by. After the bird gets the right opportunity, the bird moves at lightning speed, catches the fish and gulps it down. This shows the patience side of the bird which is one of the symbol of bird. Not just that, it also conveys a message of being persistent. You will just need to wait for the right time before striking. Just be persistent and you will know when is the right time.

Adaptive for Survival:

Blue heron always moves between the worlds of earth, sky and water. They find home in each of the habitats. You will also find them comfortable in different ambient where they move from one to another without any resistance. The herons flow, fly, swoop and dive in and out of the three worlds. It knows how to make use of each element for its resources so it can deal with its survival. Hence, it is considered a symbol of adaptation. It adapts itself to different environment to lead life peacefully. It makes you realize that you are also a part of vast ecosystem.


Blue Herons are a very calm nature. It loves to be at peace and avoids getting involved in any issues. That is why it symbolizes calmness.


In tribal culture, the Erie individuals had several heron-shaped ceremonial smoking pipes showing that they held this bird in special regard. It was found in North of Huron county. As for the Erie people, they lived in that part of North America just before European settlers arrived.

If you go farther back, there were tribal folks called the Hopewell who created heron artworks like that of elegantly crafted pipe during 200 BC and 500 AD.

During 800 BC, the Adena culture of paleo tribes left different stuffs behind related to the bird. For instance, there were carved tablet of clay and stone with intricate design of stylized feathers, wings, avian talons and heads, which might signify a sacred heron figure from their myths as suggested by some of the paleoanthropologists.

From prehistoric tribal people of North America as well as people around the world, many historic cultures included a heron character in their mythology.

As a mystical creature who could associate the human and the spirit world, this bird was called to be a ‘feathered spirit of the Above World.’ According to the myth, the heron brought the earth into existence from the dark when it flew low over the water at dawn and broke the surface using its talons.

In the US and Richland County, the concept of dressing up in herons’ feathers for prehistoric tribal ceremonial dances became quite popular during 19th century.

In the 1800s, the US saw the quick drop of the population of Great Blue Herons. It was not a bird flu which took their life away, it was the era when heron became hats.

During the 20th century in the Clear Fork River valley, Heron iconography extended well. In 1976, an image of a Great Blue Heron was painted on to a Marion Avenue barn. The place had a road making a sharp right-angle curve so it can slow down the traffic and invite heron to fly around.

Things to know

  • Such bird is stated to be the largest and commonest heron in North America.
  • They breed in colonies and can number anywhere from dozens to 100s of nesting pairs.
  • They are able to fly at the speed of around 55 kilometers per hour.
  • The birds basically build their nest with sticks and line them with pine needles grass or moss. The nests can be pretty big measuring up to one meter or more!


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