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Black Beetle Symbolism: The Meaning & History

The imagery of the black beetle may not be very appealing but its history and black beetle symbolism are. That’s why we will talk about Black Beetle symbolism today.

It is quite normal to claim that you get scared when you see this black-like creature roaming around you. Sounds creepy, we know.

But, there are a lot of hidden messages that these beetles carry. And people have been extracting them for ages.

After digging into the entire write-up, you will find yourself to be curious enough to know if the black beetle is your spirit animal or not.

Black Beetle Symbols: The Meaning

Let’s start our black beetle symbolism guide, by researching about the meaning of this. There are quite a few ideas out there.


The black beetles walk the path in different ways and they are able to face any kind of obstacle. So, they are a symbol of persistence and can remind you to keep trying so you can make a new path with a better life.


It can exhibit extraordinary intelligence if you observe closely. As a result, the beetle becomes a symbol of wisdom. It gives you an idea that you establish intelligence as you walk through life.

Inner strength

The beetle possesses repetitive behavior that represents the invisible force of inner strength. You can understand that by the way of their activities. It is said that the beetle holds timeless insight into history. The size and dung-rolling scarab of the beetle were used to attract Egyptians in ancient times.


The beetles dwell in colonies and they work together so as to reach success. So, they can be a symbol of unity, teamwork and understanding. They can teach you to stay focused on your goals as a spirit animal so you can get success.


They can be intuitive as well. So, if the beetle is your spirit animal, you can have unquestionable insights beings one of the symbols. Not just that, it is also regarded as a powerful totem. Coleopterists, the scientists studying beetles have gone through different techniques to understand the meaning of beetle. The majority of people believe that they can bring insights. This is how you can connect spiritually. It’s said that the beetles have been changing landscapes for over 230 million years. Well, this can also give you an insight.


The presence of beetles can symbolize protection and peace that you can use as a shield or power to deal with any negative energy that arises.


The color black symbolizes power and influence. So, it enables you to possess power and affluence as a spirit animal.


Black beetle is known to be big eaters and its food mainly includes waste. This helps a lot in doing good for the environment. As a result, it symbolizes purification and recycling. If a black beetle is your spirit animal, you will always think of sustainable development and making the environment better.

History of The Black Beetle Symbolism

Beetle plays a vital role in different belief systems and cultures throughout the world and its history.

The insects have been dwelling here for millennia. Back in ancient times, people especially Egyptians, Greek, and Romanians used to consider them as lucky charms. They also used to worship beetles to bring good luck to their life. Plus, they also used to keep the insect as an amulet for being a sign of transformation.

So, not only beetles are ancient but also interesting to explore for history.

However, the perspective has got changed in modern history. Some people find the beetle annoying, some are afraid of it. Besides holding symbolism, the black beetle is also stated to bring benefits to economics and the environment.

Things to Know About the Black Beetle Symbolism

The beetles can differ in size from 1/4th of an inch to about 2 inches long.

They are called to be predatory. Hence, they look for food when the night gets dark. That’s why people don’t notice them easily unless there are around a thousand beetles crowded together.

Black beetle is very much into woodchip, thatch, pine straw and mulch. So, it usually builds nest around such places. The nest serves as a guard against different factors. However, small black beetle looks for alternative shelter when the weather condition is not right for them.

Black beetle is known to be sturdy and can cover big distances quickly. Despite the fact that the size of the body is short and that they lack wings, they can cover it in a short span of time.

The beetles are provided with special powers by nature that enable them to sense the location of the food supply.

Black beetles know that people understand their allure towards the light. This is the reason why they are found near bright neon lights used at gas stations and roadsides mostly.

As it has been mentioned that black beetle eats waste which brings huge benefits to the entire planet. Their huge population helps clean up bi-products like waste, decay, feces, and carrion. So, they are a great helper to purify and recycle waste that contributes towards sustainable development.

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