Bird of Paradise Symbolism – Meaning, History & Things to Know

bird of paradise symbolism

Not all the birds of paradise will be seen flapping their wings and flying around. Some of them can be found around the greeneries. Yup, we are talking about the bird of paradise plant and bird of paradise symbolism.

It is just not only a plant but also a creature possessing a variety of symbolism and secret messages.

We think it’s time to know all of them.

bird of paradise symbolism

Bird of Paradise Symbolism and Meaning

The bird of paradise flower commonly means paradise and freedom, since it is stated to be a quintessential tropical flower.

You will find different symbolisms that have been interpreted by different people. Some of them include:


It also represents freedom. The flower can remind you to shoo away all the worries and get on a new adventure with confidence. You can gift it to a person who has just started its life being an independent individual wishing him or her all the best.


The flower is also a symbol of joy. It can remind you to be jolly always and to keep your face smiling forever. It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation is in your life, it motivates you to deal with it with a smile on the face. It’s just you have to try hard!


The flower symbolizes success. It enables you to overcome obstacles in your life and workplace. If you give it to people as a gift, it would mean that you want them to be successful in their careers.


Just like the name, it also symbolizes paradise but of Earth. It can appear as a reminder to let you know that heave exists in the world and that you can observe it as a striking piece of nature. Not only that, but you can also decorate it as an ornament in your garden and home to feel the paradise right in your residence.


The flower represents royalty as well. It used to be a sign of kings and rulers during the ancient period for hundreds of years. If you look at the flower closely, you will understand that it possesses royal beauty that draws your attention. You can give it as a gift to someone who you respect a lot and who you give priority the most.


The Bird of paradise can be symbolized as optimism. It’s bold and bright color with unique shape adds positive energy to the environment as well as life. It can simply attract you to look at it and adore beauty.


The flower can represent faithfulness. It can also be a sign of being truthful to one person in your entire life. You can present the flower on the 9th wedding anniversary to express your partner how you are truly committed to the person.


The plant grows wild in Hawaii where it is stated to be a vital part of their culture. The name in Hawaiian refers to ‘Little globe’ that is a symbol of magnificence.

History of The Bird of Paradise Symbolism

Bird of paradise which is also known as the genus Strelitzia is a kind of flower native to South Africa. The name Strelitzia was given by the Royal Garden Director Joseph Banks to honor the Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Queen Charlotte.

It was introduced into England in 1761 and brought for King George in honor of his and Charlotte’s wedding.

It has also been grown at the Royal Botanic Gardens in SA’s Kew since 1773.

Things to Know About Bird of Paradise

  • You will find about 5 species of the flower. The leaves come in bluish-green with a mid-rib in red.
  • Bird of paradise is also called crane flower that blooms from September till May.
  • The flower is comprised of 3 orange sepals having 3 arrowhead petals in bright blue. When the flower blooms, the petals form a shape mirroring just like the tropical bird of the same name. The 3rd petal forms a nectary at the base.
  • The Bird of paradise flower is associated with banana plants mainly since both got the same form of big fan-like leaves.
  • Strelitzia Nicolai which is called the largest plant can grow up to 30-foot high.
  • The flower is pollinated by sunbirds in the wild. The birds feed on its sweet nectar regularly. The pollen moves to the chest of sunbird at first when the latter lands over petals, then it moves to the next flower the sunbird lands over.
  • The flower is able to last for 1 to 2 weeks after getting chopped off.
  • Birds of paradise bloom during the end of winter or early spring usually. However, it can bloom in a different time as well.
  • The flower is popular for summer floral arrangement. It can be an excellent way to add colors and uniqueness to any event.
  • The plan is easy to grow in a garden where it has a warmer climate. It can be a great plant to grow in the sunroom and greenhouse as well due to their inclination towards the warm climate.

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