December 25, 2017

Best Scope For 300 Win Mag (Our Buying Guide With Top Picks)


300 win mag is the most popular among the target shooters of the big game. It is therefore, no brainer, that we will do a best scope for 300 win mag article today. It offers a very good speed with a very little vertical dip which makes it highly favorable for shooting large and constantly moving targets. It also allows the shooters to make a clean shot even at a large distance and get the best ballistics of up to 1700 yards even with a common cartridge.

However, if you want to go beyond this range, you will be requiring a very high-quality scope. I have chosen the 5 best scope for 300 win mag for review. These are detailed reviews outlining all the important features together with the pros and the cons.

Editor’s Pick

This is a first focal plane riflescope using lenses with a diameter of 50 mm. It offers a 6-24 magnification. It maintains the FFP reticle in all the different settings so that you can make full utilization of the feature under all shooting conditions. Furthermore, the reticle expands and shrinks together with the target. This ensures that you do not lose the target while zooming in and out. The scope is equipped with multi-coated, matte finish lenses and gives a very clear vision under all light conditions. Also, it is capable of transmitting enough light to offer maximum brightness and accurate color sensation.

The reticle is etched on the glass itself, due to which it is able to function very well in all the complex settings and stay true even with heavy recoiling. The body of the scope is made out of the same grade of aluminum used for aircrafts. This gives the scope an exceptional sturdiness and durability. This choice of material also helps to bring down the overall weight of the scope to a great degree so that it does wear out the shooter even when used for a long period of time. With all these features combined, the Argos BTS can easily be tagged as the best scope for 300 win mag.


  • The reticles are illuminated
  • It has argon purging which makes is resistant to water
  • The scope is capable of maintaining an optimum thermal stability
  • Has a 3.3-inch eye relief
  • Weighs only 29.6 ounces
  • Can be easily adjusted for elevation, windage, and parallax


  • Not up to par with other high-end scopes



Leupold is a leading name in the field of rifle scopes. The same consistency of quality can be seen in the 113863 VX-1 2-7 by 33 mm Matte as well. The device is very sturdy and rugged which makes it possible to use the scope conveniently under all conditions. It uses fully coated optics and is capable of offering up to 9 times magnification. It also has highly remarkable adjustments for windage and elevation.

Due to all these factors, it becomes very easy to make a precise aim which can play a great role in boosting the overall confidence of the shooter. The greatest advantage, however, is that this scope can be used for all types of shooting tasks and offers very effortless and accurate execution. This is undoubtedly one of the best scope for 300 win mag and comes right next to the Argos BTS in terms of efficiency.


  • High level of accuracy
  • Great strength and durability
  • Works perfectly well even in low light conditions


  • At times, it may be difficult to bring the scope into a perfect alignment

Budget Pick


This may be the cheapest in this category of the best scope for 300 win mag. However, this does not stop it from offering an excellent precision in targeting setting. It comes with great features and is designed to be very user-friendly. Along with easy operation, the scope also offers great versatility. It is capable of offering a magnification of up to 9 times and can offer a 35 feet vision up to a 100 yards distance.

It has a highly durable body with O ring seals which keeps any foreign particles from entering the hollow compartment inside. It is also highly durable and resistant to water and fog. Furthermore, the lenses are anti-reflective and reduce the glare by almost 92 %. This offers an excellent vision even in the low light conditions.


  • The reticle allows for a quick aiming
  • Easily adjustable knobs for various settings


  • Does not provide a reliable eye relief
  • The reticle is not very sharp

Upgrade Pick


This riflescope offers an unmatched precision and may just be the best scope for 300 win mag for long range shooting. It may come off as a little expensive. However, it is loaded with the best of features which easily makes the investment worth it. The scope has been exclusively engineered for a high degree of accuracy while shooting long ranges during the most extreme of weather conditions. It has a fast focus eyepiece with multi-coated lenses and is capable of offering a magnification of up to 6 times.

It uses a single piece construction and, therefore, has no moving parts. Furthermore, it is made out of aircraft grade aluminum which not only makes it highly durable but also helps in reducing the weight to a great degree. The shooter will not feel any extra weight over the rifle. The scope uses a complicated L-Tec turret and has a high turret height. All of these features allow for a very high level of accuracy under all weather conditions.


  • The size of the reticle changes while zooming in and out and, therefore, stays in proportion with the image at all times
  • The reticles are etched on the glass and encased in between a double glass layer for maximum durability
  • Illuminated reticles make it ideal to be used in low light conditions


  • No lens caps included in the arrangement

Niche Pick


This is another one of the best scope for 300 win mag. It does not cost too much while still offering highly decent features. It has superior quality lenses that offer great clarity and maximum brightness under all light conditions. Furthermore, the reticles are illuminated, which makes it easier to place a clean aim and fire precise shots. It uses all tactical/revolution adjustments so as to reduce the target acquisition time.

The scope is 100% waterproof and holds fast even when used in harsh weather conditions. It has four resolution reticles which help in enhancing the accuracy of the shots. Therefore, it covers most of your shooting needs for long ranges. This makes the Redfield Revolution Accu Range an ideal scope for hunting purposes.


  • Filled with nitrogen
  • Reliable 4.2 inch eye relief
  • Comes with a matte finish and appealing to look at


  • The vision clarity is not as much as mentioned

How to Look for The Best Scope for 300 Win Mag?


 Best Scope For 300 Win Mag

Some of the 300 win mags are ultralight. Many shooters who are accustomed to using heavy weight rifles may find this uncomfortable. Since a weight of at least 9 to 11 pounds is considered most ideal, especially for long range shooting, you might want to add a bit more weight to your rifle through a scope. However, making it too heavy may also tire you out within a very short span of time. So take your time and settle for the scope that seems most convenient for you.


Regardless of how well a scope works, it is almost useless if the mount is not right. So look for a mount that firmly secures the scope of the rifle. In any, the scope should stay fixed and not wobble. Investing in a good mount can be worthwhile as it can last for many years to come. When you are using the 300 win mag, it is best not to go for the lightweight mounts such as the ones used for ar 15.

These are not going to stay the ground, especially when you are using heavy weight optics. This just increases the force on the mount and it even comes off loose during a high impact recoiling. If you do not want to risk missing your target or losing your scope, go for an optimum weight mount that is designed exclusively for the 300 win mag.


Like every other product, even a scope comes with its own warranty. If you are not careful enough the scope may break a bit too soon leaving you disappointed. Although, they are built to withstand almost 99% of the impact, you would definitely not want to risk losing your scope. So do our homework well before getting yourself a scope. Along with the warranty, you should also learn about the customer service offered by the manufacturing brand and whether they give prompt responses.

Make a Trial

A scope has most of its features listed out on the packaging. Go through these carefully and learn about how it might come useful to you. If you feel that a certain feature may be underutilized in your case, you may be able to save some bucks by going for a better alternative. You can also try it out before purchase so as to save any disappointments in the future.


When you are looking for the best scope for 300 win mag, you should also be paying attention to quality. Care to check out the features, the materials and the construction of the scope. All of these go into determining the overall quality. Precision and performance may be the most important things. However, they should not come at the expense of the quality. Therefore, make it a point to examine each and every aspect so that you are getting the best value for your money.


best Scope For mag 300

You never know how the weather is going to turn out when you go shooting. Therefore, it is the best to be prudent well in advance and look for the best scope for 300 win mag that is capable of offering excellent performance under all weather conditions. Investing in a durable scope can turn out to be much cheaper and more convenient in the long run.


Out of the 5 products reviewed above, I would declare the Redfield Revolution Accu Range as the clear winner of the group. That, according to me is the best scope for 300 win mag any day. It is one of my favorites, mainly owing to a large number of decent features within a very affordable price range. It offers extra clear vision under all light conditions and has illuminated reticles which make it even easier to make a precise aim.

You can easily track a target in case it’s constantly moving. Since it transmits maximum light with accurate colors, you will be able to view the target more clearly in the background even when the weather seems to be hazy. Furthermore, the adjustments are very simple which makes operation very easy. It is waterproof, has high-quality anti-glare lenses and is sealed with nitrogen.

These features make it possible to use the scope under all the different weather conditions. It allows for very quick adjustments and precise aims. It has a 4.2-inch eye relief which offers excellent protection to the wearer during recoiling. Hence, this is easily the best scope for 300 win mag out of the 5 candidates.This should make your selection process and purchase much easier. You will not get overwhelmed by the wide range of options available in the market.

After you have purchased your scope, make sure you are using it the right way. Have it mounted in the right way so that you are always making precise aims. Even the slightest bit of error can make a great difference. However, once you get accustomed to your scope you will gradually be able to handle it better.

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