Best Cat Enclosures for Caravans

As pet owners, we understand the importance of our fur babies’ well-being and safety, especially during trips. Cats are exploratory creatures that also need their safe space. While caravans offer a thrilling way to explore new places with your feline companion, a cat enclosure for your caravan becomes a crucial accessory to have. This review delves into the top cat enclosures for caravans and what you should consider before getting one.

Quick Comparison of Cat Enclosures

Cat Enclosures Material Size Indoor/Outdoor Special Features Assembly Required
ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House Weather-resistant fabric Spacious Both Provides plenty of space for play and rest Yes
Kittywalk Systems Cat Teepee Durable netting Compact Both Unique teepee design Yes
Best Choice Products Habitat for Indoor Cats Solid wood and metal wire Large Indoor Multiple levels with scratching posts and toys Yes
RORAIMA Outdoor Use Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat Mesh and nylon Medium Outdoor Instant setup, great ventilation No (Instant Setup)
Pawhut 88″ Metal Outdoor Small Animal Enclosure Metal Very large Outdoor Robust construction, great for multiple cats Yes

What is a Cat Enclosure for a Caravan?

A cat enclosure for a caravan, also known as a “cat caravan,” is a specific type of cat cage or pen designed to provide safety and comfort for your cat during travel. They are typically sturdy, portable, and offer sufficient ventilation and visibility for your cat. Some come with additional features such as built-in scratching posts, hammocks, or multiple tiers for the active and curious cat.

Do You Need an Enclosure When Traveling with Your Cat?

The short answer is yes. An enclosure ensures your cat’s safety during the journey and keeps them calm in a familiar environment. With an enclosure, you can prevent accidents due to unexpected cat movements. It also protects your cat from the outside environment, such as other pets, wildlife, and varying weather conditions.

How to Choose a Cat Enclosure

Choosing a cat enclosure depends on various factors including your cat’s size, temperament, and your travel frequency. Consider the material of the enclosure; it should be sturdy enough to withstand your cat’s movements and safe for your pet. Also, pay attention to the size. Your cat should be able to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

The design is another crucial factor. Some enclosures come with built-in facilities like scratch posts, hammocks, or toys that provide entertainment and exercise for your cat. Finally, consider the ventilation of the enclosure. It should be well-ventilated to ensure your cat has plenty of fresh air and can stay cool during warm conditions.

Temporary or Permanent?

The type of enclosure you need depends on the nature of your travel. If you’re planning a short trip, a temporary, portable enclosure could be sufficient. These are typically lighter and easy to set up or dismantle.

However, for long-term or frequent travelers, investing in a permanent enclosure might be a better idea. Permanent enclosures are usually more robust and offer better comfort and security. They may also be attached to the caravan, creating an outdoor extension for your cat to explore safely.


A good cat enclosure offers protection from several elements. Firstly, it protects your cat from escaping and getting lost. Secondly, it shields your cat from potential hazards such as wildlife, other pets, or weather conditions. Lastly, some enclosures also come with sun protection to shield your pet from harmful UV rays.


While considering cat enclosures, always look into the ease of set-up. Most temporary enclosures are designed for quick assembly and disassembly, but it’s always a good idea to check customer reviews or demonstration videos to gauge this. For permanent fixtures, you may need professional help or some DIY skills.

Why Use a Cat Enclosure?

A cat enclosure is beneficial for both the cat and the owner. For the cat, it provides a safe and comfortable environment during travel. It also gives them a sense of familiarity, which can help reduce travel-induced stress.

For the owner, it provides peace of mind knowing your feline friend is safe. It also reduces potential distractions while driving, ensuring a safe journey for everyone onboard. Lastly, it avoids potential damage inside the caravan that might be caused by a free-roaming cat.

My 5 Best Cat Enclosures for Caravans

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the top five cat enclosures suitable for caravans, each offering unique features and benefits:

01. ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House

This playhouse enclosure offers both indoor and outdoor fun for your feline friend. The ABO Gear Kitty Compound boasts a lightweight, portable design that’s easy to set up, making it perfect for travel. It comes with a roomy interior and weather-resistant material for comfort and safety. The incorporated fun tunnels and play area make it an excellent choice for active cats.


  • Spacious: Offers plenty of space for cats to roam, play and rest.
  • Versatile: Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Strong and sturdy: Made from a durable and weather-resistant material.


  • Requires assembly: Some users have found the set-up process a bit challenging.
  • Not ideal for larger breeds: It might be a bit small for bigger cats or multiple cats.

02. Kittywalk Systems Cat Teepee

The Kittywalk Systems Cat Teepee brings a unique style to cat enclosures. Its vertical design offers multiple levels for exploration, making it suitable for cats who enjoy climbing. The enclosure is made from sturdy, weather-resistant material, ensuring durability. The well-ventilated design and the 360-degree view allow your cat to enjoy the scenery without risking their safety.


  • Unique design: The teepee shape offers a fun and adventurous feel.
  • Easy to assemble: It comes with clear instructions for easy setup.
  • Portable: Can be folded down and transported easily, making it perfect for travels.


  • Limited space: It’s not the largest option and may not be ideal for multiple cats.
  • Price: Higher price point compared to some other models.

03. Best Choice Products Habitat For Indoor Cats

This enclosure stands out with its robust construction. Designed for indoor cats, it’s a portable cage with plenty of space, making it an excellent choice for long travel. The habitat includes a comfortable hammock and multiple levels for your cat to play and rest. It also features secured doors and lockable casters for easy movement.


  • Multilevel: Features multiple tiers for your cat to explore and lounge on.
  • Includes fun elements: Comes with scratching posts and play balls for entertainment.
  • Robust construction: Made of solid wood and metal wire.


  • Bulky: Might be a bit large for smaller living spaces.
  • Indoor use only: Not designed for outdoor use.

04. RORAIMA Outdoor Use Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat

If you’re looking for easy setup and pack-down, RORAIMA’s instant portable cat tent is a fantastic option. It’s lightweight and foldable, perfect for traveling in a caravan. The mesh design offers excellent ventilation and visibility, and the included rainfly can protect your cat from inclement weather. However, this enclosure might not be ideal for more adventurous or larger cats, as it’s less sturdy compared to others on this list.


  • Instant set-up: Pops up immediately, no complex assembly required.
  • Excellent ventilation: Mesh sides allow for great airflow.
  • Lightweight: Easy to carry around, ideal for travel.


  • Not for aggressive cats: Some owners reported that very active or aggressive cats may damage the mesh.
  • Weather dependent: Not suitable for use in adverse weather conditions.

05. Pawhut 88″ Metal Outdoor Small Animal Enclosure

The Pawhut 88″ Metal Outdoor Enclosure is a substantial, secure option for those who prefer a more permanent solution. It’s constructed with heavy-duty metal wire, making it durable and safe. The design includes multiple tiers and a spacious interior for your cat to roam freely. While this option might not be the most portable, it’s a fantastic choice for those who often park their caravan for extended periods.


  • Durable: Made from metal, it’s incredibly sturdy and robust.
  • Spacious: Provides ample space for your cat to move around.
  • Weather resistant: Suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.


  • Heavy: Due to its metal construction, it’s heavier than other models.
  • Complex assembly: Some users found the set-up process to be complicated.

My Best Choice Cat Enclosure

Considering versatility, portability, durability, and user feedback, my top pick would be the ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House. Its lightweight design, spacious interior, and incorporated play area tick all the boxes for the perfect travel-friendly cat enclosure. Plus, its weather-resistant material makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, which is a boon for varied caravan trips.

Nevertheless, the best choice always depends on your cat’s unique needs and your traveling lifestyle. Always consider your pet’s size, temperament, and comfort when choosing the perfect cat enclosure for your caravan adventures.

Frequently asked questions for cat enclosures

  • What is a cat enclosure?
  • A cat enclosure is a secure, contained space where your cat can safely enjoy the outdoors or travel. They are designed to protect your cat from potential dangers while giving them an environment to play, explore, and relax.
  • Why do I need a cat enclosure for my caravan?
  • A cat enclosure provides a safe, controlled environment for your cat during travel. It helps to prevent accidents and keeps your cat secure and stress-free during the journey.
  • Can cat enclosures be used outdoors?
  • Yes, many cat enclosures are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor cat enclosures are typically made from durable, weather-resistant materials.
  • Are cat enclosures safe for cats?
  • Yes, cat enclosures are designed to be safe spaces for cats. They are built to prevent your cat from escaping and protect them from potential threats.
  • How big should a cat enclosure be?
  • The size of a cat enclosure should be based on the size and activity level of your cat. The enclosure should be large enough for your cat to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Can I leave my cat in an enclosure overnight?
  • While some cat enclosures are safe for overnight use, it’s essential to ensure that your cat has access to food, water, and a litter box. Also, the enclosure should be secure and weather-proof.
  • Are portable cat enclosures available?
  • Yes, portable cat enclosures are available and are ideal for traveling or temporary use. They are usually lightweight and easy to set up and dismantle.
  • What features should I look for in a cat enclosure?
  • Look for a sturdy construction, good ventilation, ample space, and easy access points. Additional features may include built-in scratch posts, hammocks, or toys for your cat’s enjoyment.
  • Are cat enclosures suitable for multiple cats?
  • Yes, but you’ll need to ensure the enclosure is large enough for all your cats to move around comfortably. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines on capacity.
  • Can I use a cat enclosure for kittens?
  • Yes, but make sure the enclosure is safe for smaller animals. The gaps should not be too wide to prevent the kitten from escaping, and it should be secure from potential threats.
  • How do I introduce my cat to a new enclosure?
  • Gradually introduce your cat to the enclosure. Start by letting them explore it for short periods while supervised. Over time, they will become more comfortable with it.
  • Can I leave my cat in the enclosure during the day?
  • Yes, as long as the enclosure is safe, secure, and comfortable, with access to water and shade. However, it’s still essential to monitor them regularly.
  • Do cat enclosures protect against predators?
  • Cat enclosures are designed to protect your cat from potential threats, including some predators. However, they should always be used under supervision.
  • How do I clean a cat enclosure?
  • The cleaning process depends on the material of the enclosure. Typically, you can clean them with warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • Do cat enclosures need a floor?
  • Some cat enclosures come with a floor while others don’t. Having a floor can provide extra security, but it’s not necessary if the enclosure is set up on a safe surface.

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