Begonia Symbolism – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

begonia symbolism

Do you know that the flower Begonia has a secret message? It has different meanings for its colors. Here in this Begonia Symbolism guide, you will know all of them.

Begonia flowers are watch dogs, or flowers that warn us about potential dangers. This is how this beautiful flower got its name and how it got remembered. Begonia symbolizes the connection between people and harmonious communication.
When you bring a flower for someone, it certainly sends a specific message to the receiver. And when it comes to Begonia, their varieties extend the meanings that ultimately lead them to carry different symbolism.

The Meaning of Begonia Symbolism

It was Charles Plumier who first discovered begonia flower. He was a botanist from France and named the flower to honor Michel Begon since the latter was a very powerful Caribbean politician during that period.

The name Begonia refers to a cautiousness which is a common symbolic meaning of the flower.

Different Meanings of The Begonia Flower

You will find Begonia being a watchdog that alerts you about potential danger. This is the reason how it got its name.

There are many representations that Begonia seems to carry.


Begonia can also be presented to someone who is going on an adventurous trip having risk activities. It will let the person be cautious of potential dangers. So, it symbolizes that you are wishing the person to have a safe trip and that you are afraid of their well-being.


The flower signifies the connection between you and harmonious communication. If you give it as a gift, it will help make your communication with the person warmer. You can gift it to anyone who you respect and love. The flower would be a great symbolism to remind about the significance of being a better person.


Begonias also symbolize uniqueness and individuality. It’s their beauty and appearance that enable the flowers to stand out. Albeit they don’t have ideal shape and form, but they denote how it is not important to be perfect but to be interesting and eye-catching. So, presenting the flower can make the people realize that.


It also symbolizes gratitude. If you give a bouquet of Begonias to someone as a gift, it will mean that you are thankful to the person.


Begonias carry a symbol of peace and justice. Plus, you can also find it has a sign of remorse. Gifting it to someone can trigger people to forgive each other for the wrongdoings they did.

Dark thoughts

Begonia can symbolize dark thoughts. This representation comes from their symbol of cautiousness as well.

Warning of misfortune

The flowers may not be surrounded by very positive energy. However, they represent themselves to be careful. So, if you present Begonias as a gift, it will mean that you care for the person and you don’t want the person to face any trouble or accident.


Begonias come in different beautiful colors where each of them carries a symbolic meaning. So make sure to know them before you present this to any person since it sends a certain message to the receiver.

However, Begonias come in these colors:


This color certainly signifies love, romance, and passion. It will be ideal to present it to someone who you love or have a thing for. Plus, you can also give the flower to your partner as a gift.


As for the pink, it basically represents subtleness. It also carries symbolism like that of red Begonia. So, it can be an ideal present for your partner in Valentine’s Day.


Yellow Begonia has a symbolic meaning of satisfaction, wealth and happiness. Gifting the flower to a person means that you want them to be happy and jolly. This is such a bright color that also can bring some sunshine into your home once you place it.


Gold Begonias symbolize prosperity and fortune. You can present this to a person who you want to see successful or having a great future. This can represent a good luck sign for the people, especially entrepreneurs.


White-colored Begonia represents spirituality, innocence and purity. It is stated to be a universal color that carries a very mild symbolism that includes a positive message. Hence, you can give it to anyone as a gift. It doesn’t matter what your relationship is with the person or how old is he or she, you can bring a positive vibe to them by gifting them.


Blue colored Begonia represents creativity, artistry and passion. This is an unusual color for the flower. So, it can be gifted to someone who is appreciative enough to understand the beauty of Begonia in such color.


This color has a symbolic meaning of regard, royalty, and nobility. So, you can give this as a gift to someone you consider very important or someone who you respect a lot.

And that was it. This was our begonia symbolism guide. Did you enjoy it? Leave a comment.

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