Barred Owl Symbolism – Meaning & Secrets You Need to Know

barred owl symbolism

Who cooks for you? Whoo cooks for y’ all?- if you have listened to a hoot sounding like this, then it means you have a barred owl somewhere near. Now get to know about barred owl symbolism.

This is such a species whose sense can perforate through the darkness towards other side bringing wisdom, bliss and of course light.

Whenever we talk about an owl, a lot of its myths, secrets and symbolisms pop up naturally.

But before we get to know all of them, let’s talk about whooooo the owl is actually?


Horizontal barring around the neck and chin.

Vertical barring over the body.

This is how you can recognize a bar-red owl. Exactly! that’s how they got their name.

Barred owls stand around 21-inch tall. They have 4 feet of wings, a big and round head with dark eyes and a yellow bill. They lack ear tufts. Their eyes are big and have the ability to see in darkness. As for their ears, they are long slits on the side of their face.

The owls usually appear white, brown, and gray in color.

They dwell mostly at wooden swamps, old dead trees or floodplains, and woodlands in North America. They are known as the long-term dwellers nesting 80 feet up in the air with cavities of about 20 inches.

You will find them alert in February and March since they go wild and the court to attract a potential mate while making different sounds.

They mainly hunt for prey from dusk till pre-dawn hours and wait to spot an incautious bird, frog, snake or mouse. You will find them waiting from their nest to catch a target. They have got keen senses that let them navigate through forest treetops or low branches and focus on their prey.

Moreover, their claws are sharp enough to rip the meat of the prey apart and have it.

As for the sound, their hoo-hoo is a little harsher than many of the other types. Although, you will just be able to listen to their hoot, not their movement. This makes them the most interesting owl.

You may find a myth about the owl which is that it can turn its head 360-degree. We would say, it’s absolutely not a fact at all.

barred owl symbolism


Meaning of Barred Owl Symbolism:

Barred owl symbolism refers to a way of reaching your higher self as well as perceiving life from a spiritual stance. It lets you listen to your inner voice carefully while allowing yourself to be directed. As a result, it will help in recapturing knowledge of correct paths in life.

Besides this basic meaning, barred owl carries different symbolisms and each of them has its own meaning and secrets. So, why not we know them?

Meaning and Secrets:


The owls have dark brown eyes that appear almost black. As it has been mentioned that they can see in darkness. It symbolizes the ability to see what others can’t. The owls love to observe their surroundings so you will have similar traits as well. Not only you can see far but also you can have deep connections to creative potential and cosmos.

Moreover, they are also symbolized as a sign of warning. It means you can be perspective just like how owls are. You will have perception power that you can use on new people you meet to know them.

Their eyes also represent ability to recognize the face behind the mask. You can sense deceit easily.


The bar-like streaks on their feathers do not symbolize jail but protection. This is mostly symbolized by the Chinese. Their round appearance acts as a shield against all the negative vibes. They know their boundaries and show them to others by their gestures and expressions. This is one of the ways you can ignore people who are harmless to you.

Communicative and liveliness:

Such owls are mostly vocal. You will find their sound having a laughter-like rhythm that makes them amusing. It symbolizes as bringing humor to the conversation with other people. Plus, it also represents that you can be very communicative and extrovert. Your presence will surely bring a change.


They are a symbolic of sacred knowledge and intuitive wisdom especially for North Americans. Having barred owl as power animal would mean that you will have knowledge of different aspects and matters that will help increase your wisdom. You will be fierce yet intelligent, regal yet silent.

Easy accessibility:

The owls love to eat crayfish while standing in streams. They get access to things with ease. It also means that you would have the same attributes, especially from other realms. For instance, you can make your dreams come true.


Barred owls are nocturnal species since they do their preying job at night. It denotes that you will prefer to do work during night hours and your brain will be most active during the period.

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