September 3, 2018

Appendix Carry: The Do’s and Don’ts

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The appendix carry is a practice where people place a holster and pistol in the front of their waistline. These devices are placed between the waistband buttons and the pants pocket. Close to the appendix. This is the main reason why it is named after the appendix. Its major benefits are more convenient insertion and easy concealment. Again, the concealment can be drawn easily.

The concealed carry near the appendix is a comfortable and convenient method of carrying small guns. This write-up is going to share the basics of this practice. This will help you in knowing what needs to be done to make it more effective and counter its drawbacks.

Benefits of Appendix Carry

The primary benefit offered by appendix carry is ease of access. Carrying it this way is considered to be more convenient because it is easy to slide the pistol and holster in your waistband. It makes the process of sliding the pistol, seating the clip and fastening the belt easier. Its ease of placement has given it an edge over the conventional winged IWB holster which requires more time in placing the holster. With the traditional winged IWB holster, you will be required to make back-and-forth adjustments until your holster is completely seated.

This process can become more difficult if you happen to insert your pistol in the holster before inserting it onto the waistline. The appendix carry has made the process of sliding the pistol and holster in the waistline, fastening the belt and inserting the gun easier and straightforward. It is only a small bit of adjustment that is required.

It is much easier to access the pistol that is inserted on the waistline than that which is located behind your hip. This carrying position has made it easy to clear the cover garment. Drawing from this position is also known for offering a tactical advantage as this has significantly eliminated the tell-tale elbow’s rearward motion that is experienced when drawing the holster behind the hip.

Drawbacks to Appendix Carry

Appendix Carry

Comfort is the main issue that affects this carrying method. People find it quite comfortable and convenient to carry it when walking around and standing up. However, there is a big issue when trying to bend over or sit down. The holster will press down and get pushed right into the stomach as you hinge at your waist. This means that you should avoid carrying anything that is larger than a mouse gun or snobby revolver as it can easily jab you in your upper thigh.

It is extremely difficult to sit while appendix carrying. An accidental discharge can also occur if the device is anchored close to the fly. This potential damage of this damage is lethal. The femoral arteries which are located on the upper thigh are less-tolerant to injury. This risk can be minimized by investing in a high-quality holster. This holster can help you in securely keeping the trigger guard.

Guns Concealed By an Appendix Carry

The subcompact and compact striker-fired pistols are the most preferred guns for appendix carry. These guns have a comfortable slab rear. It is not suitable for full-sized pistols as they can create imprints on your body. Small guns can be concealed easily than big ones since your front part is more visible than the hip region. Other guns that are not suitable for appendix carry include service gun and hammer–fired pistols.

The appendix carry method discussed above is a practical,safe and comfortable way of concealing small guns. This write-up will help you in taking care of your holster and minimizing accidental damage to your body. It will also help you in choosing a suitable pistol or gun for appendix carry.

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