Anklet Symbolism: Meaning and Symbolism of Wearing Anklets

anklet symbolism

Anklet, it is sometimes a fashionable accessory to some and sometimes a traditional belief and that’s why here at The Big Deer, we thought of writing an anklet symbolism article. Ready to know more about anklet symbolism? Let’s get started.

Several ladies are found to wear the ornament. But have you ever imagined that it carries several symbols?

If not, then we can guess that the intro has already uplifted your curiosity.

And don’t you worry because we have come here to help enlighten you about different symbols of wearing anklets?

anklet symbolism

Anklet Symbolism: The Meaning of Anklet Symbolism

Anklet is typically a kind of an ornament that is worn around the ankle. That’s the simplest meaning of the anklet. It is also known as an ankle string, ankle bracelet or ankle chain.


When it comes to symbolism, the meaning of anklet symbolism no longer remains simple. You will find a wide range of delineation behind wearing anklets. It changes from perspective to perspective, from region to region.

Social class:

In Egypt, wearing anklets might speak a lot of all the social classes from as ancient as pre-dynastic period. People belonging to higher social class used to wear gold anklets while ones below the elite worn iron or silver anklets.

Even the anklets were called ‘menefret’ by the ancient Egyptians as the name represents connection to feet. Such bracelets were constructed with different kinds of metal materials in different shapes.

In the course of 4th, 5th and 6th dynasties, ankle bracelets used to be designed with beads. They were threaded in several rows and there were spacer bars holding them together.

Moreover, Egyptian dancers also used to wear anklets in toms of Akh-hotp, Ti and Kagemni.

During early 20th century, such ornaments were called  ‘kholkhal’ and used by inner-city women, especially in Alexandria.


In modern times, anklets are not worn publicly in general. After Islamic conservatism escalated and spread in the country, wearing the ornament is now signified as immodesty.


Marriage status:

When it comes to tradition, they are commonly worn by married women in India. The anklets are designed with tiny bells that make a tingling sound while they move. It’s stated that Indian wife also wears the ornaments to draw their husband’s attention with such sound. 

Plus, anklets are also given to new bride in India since it is considered as an auspicious and traditional gift symbolizing a successful marriage. So, anklet symbolism is a interesting factor here.


You will also see unmarried women wearing them. This denotes the pride and courage of women in the country.

Tribal devotion:

The heaviest kind of anklets used to be worn by Rajasthani females. They symbolize tribal devotion coming in silver material. The ornaments are worn to show their heroism in their tribe against rivals. However, the custom of wearing heavier anklets is declining in the country. Yet, you may find it common in rural regions.

A variety of anklets is also found in eastern state of Odisha. They are mainly called Paunji Nupur. Some varieties also come in form of Padapadma covering the entire foot.

Social class:

Like ancient Egypt, wearing anklets symbolizes class in India as well. There is a tradition that makes people of Kshatriya warrior caste wear anklets made of gold. And lower castes would have to wear ones made of silver.


Some of the anklets are also designed with a chain. The symbolism is that it adds femininity to the walking style of a woman since the chain enables them to take short steps.


Anklets are typically called ‘Payal in India for Hindus and Panjabis. In recent times, the ornaments are mostly worn for fashion in urban areas.


Good luck:

In China, the girls are very much into weaving anklets with red strings. It is like a tradition to them since people believe that it would bring good luck and wealth.

Moreover, such anklets with red strings are also worn for romanticism and celebration in zodiac year of birth.

The United States


It’s considered to be a fashion to wear anklets in the US. During late 20th century, the ornaments emerged as a trend.


In the ’70s, They also become the favorite ornaments of independent women who look for freedom in everything and everywhere. Thus, wearing anklet represented as an efficient component of the bohemian style.

Medical IDs:

However, people also use anklets as medical identities. They are meant for the ones who have conditions like epilepsy or diabetes.



In temperate Europe, anklets made of bronze emerged during the period of Bronze Age, sometime around 1800 BC. They were visible in areas mostly around the Alpine foreland, Danube, Rhone and Rhine river.

The anklets symbolized Tumulus culture that spread across these regions.

Health benefits of Wearing Anklets:

In addition, anklets are also worn to help in enriching the performance of feet, stomach and reproductive system. It activates the lymph glands in body so that it can upturn the immunity.

People also believe that they can help in curing hormonal imbalance, infertility, gynecological disorder and obstetric problems.

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