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Acorn Symbolism

Did you ever give it a thought that how a simple-looking acorn can be interpreted with different meanings and symbols? Nope? It all started from the ancient times so this is not something new to say, anyway.

An acorn metaphor can make you look deeper inside and unearth the fruit of something amazing which is yet to develop.

So, we felt that we should help you go deeper so that you can get to know what symbolisms can acorn have.


Strength and Power: 

Throughout mythos, the oak tree and acorn were linked to the gods of strength and power. By tradition, people used to associate the both with gods of thunder, storms, and lightning that indirectly refers to power. Another reason why it represents strength is that the acorn possesses hard shell itself that indicates its strong appearance. So, people believed that the presence of acorn provides people with power and strength.

Hard work and perseverance:

Have a look at a quotation from Napoleon Hill that says, ‘The strongest oak of the forest isn’t the one that’s hidden from the sunlight and safeguarded from the storm. It is rather the one which stands overtly where the tree is bound to struggle for survival against the rain, wind as well as the scorching sun.’

The acorn that can grow into a mighty oak can be the one that can deal with hard times and struggles. Hence, this shows why it is called the symbol of determination and hard work. And that is why, acorn reminds you that no matter how much issues we face in life, it will help us get stronger.

There are many people who wear acorn for this reason to help keep them motivated so that they can continue working hard till they reach their goal.


Many cultures believe that hanging an acorn around your neck will help in preventing premature ageing. And there is a reason why people believe that. Acorn is stated to a baby tree and this is enough to link to the youth and freshness. You will find many people who use acorn regularly as a baby décor because they believe that great things grow from small things.


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for growth, stability or perseverance, the acorn represent it all. From just one acorn in a mighty oak, all of these wonders grow.

If you would like to remind your closed ones of their infinite and wonderful potential, grab them an acorn. Like the Bugs Life states, ‘Everything which makes that mighty tree is already covered inside its tiny little seed.’ And it’s the mightiness of the tree that becomes a big reason why it the acorn is called the symbol of potential.

Life cycle:

In the mythology of Norse, oak was stated to be the mighty God Thor’s tree of life. Even Thor believed that the acorn would grow his tree of life. Perhaps, that is why the acorn is called the emblem of life.

Plus, it is also very popular in literary and decorative motifin Roman and Greek cultures where many ancient authorsto associated it with fertility and likelihood of creating new life. Besides, there is another reason why it represents life. And that is, an acorn can be used to grow mighty oak that indicates how a fruit can give life to the oak and make it bear several other fruits. We guess, that is how life works.


Acorn basically appears on adult trees that start at the age of 20 and 50-year old. This is why acorn symbolizes patience and achievement.


There are many Druids who used to consume acorn with a belief that it will help them have prophetic qualities.

Back in the ancient days, lightening was considered to strike people’s dwelling through the window. That is why, people used to keep acorn for protection, and we will tell you why.

The Norse used to believe that acorn displayed on a windowsill would keep the house from lightning. Legends say that the god of thunder, Thor, once sought safety under a tree of oak when it was storming. Since then, oaks were believed to be under the protection of Thor.

Then again, there were Scandinavians who also used to believe that if you put an acorn on the windowsill, it would keep a home from lightning strikes. They regard it as a gesture of respect to the Thor.

Things to know

  • Historians believe that the term ‘druid’ originates from the Celtic term for acorn.
  • Oak tree produces more than 2000 acorns a year, particularly in fall season. However, the tree has to be roughly 15 to 20-year old to do so. Generally, Oak tree can grow to be beyond 1,000-year-old.
  • Only one in 10,000 acorns can grow and become an oak.
  • Acorn is basically rich in protein, fats, carbs, as well as in minerals like potassium and calcium. So, it is used as a natural food source by different animals such as squirrels, deer, bears, pigs who love to eat a lot of acorns.
  • The term “live oak” was made up since oaks are green all year long. Not just that, the trees also support other life. If you take a look at the tree, you may notice squirrel’s nests, birds’ nests, and Spanish moss on the trees. All of them make the oak a different character.
  • Oaks are called to be a thirsty bunch. Adult trees can drink over 50-gallon water each day via its deep roots.
  • Acorns can be used as a decorative motifin jewelry. Besides, acorn-shaped beads and pendants made of gold were stated to be very popular during the Orientalizing period as well as during the Archaic and the Classical period.

Wrap up:

While some people make use of all the symbolism for their religious beliefs, some use it as a literary metaphor. But, we can say that, each of the meanings that the acorn possesses, is definitely interesting with full of positivity.



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