November 1, 2018

7 Best Guns For Hog Hunting

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Hunting is just one of those activities that leave you feeling like a worrier. While we all want to hang trophies of the exotic tigers and deer antlers on our walls, sometimes we just have to settle for what is easily accessible. Hog hunting, while not so glamorous is an experience that any outdoor lover should try at least 5 times in their lifetime. With so many feral hogs loitering around, hog hunting chances are considerably increased.

The thing about hogs is that some can be very big making it difficult to bring them down using most regular hunting guns even though some hunters use a deer rifle. Depending on whether you’re planning to stalk the hog first or even use hounds to hunt them, the right gun and placement is important. Here are the 7 best guns to choose from on your hog hunting mission.

1. Smith & Wesson M&P10

This bad boy is probably one of the hog hunter’s favorite. The .308 cartridge is impressive on its own but it is its capabilities to hit on long ranges with accuracy that gets the hunters going. The smith $ Wesson M&P20 has a light recoil coupled with a magazine that has a large capacity, making it easy to follow up shots. This semi-automatic rifle works best in a large open field. If the hogs are causing damage on property, with this rifle the hunter can hit many of them in a short span of time.

2. Marlin Guide Gun

This bacon getter is also referred to as the marlin’s 1895GBL guide gun. The classic marlin guide gun has a 45-70 cartridge that spews cartridges faster than you can yell hogs!’. With this gun, firing the rounds is all dependent on how fast you can pull the lever. You would think all this power would be packaged in a huge rifle but it only weighs 7 pounds and is about 36 inches in height. It is most preferred by hunters who enjoy hunting in the thickets or mountain areas with thick cover. It also has a cowboy feel to it when you hang it on your horse.

3. Smith $ Wesson Performance Center M&P 15

It is probably one of the most controversial hunting guns among hog hunters, with some saying the 223/5.56 mm cartridge is not the best for tangling with big hogs. Despite the cartridge being considered small, many hog hunters have taken down big catches with this riffle. This tactical rifle is characterized by a stainless 20- inch barrel, 4.5 pound trigger that is two stage and balances easily coupled with an a2 buttstock. The beauty of this rifle is that it can hit hogs at a distance. With the right ammunition and optical gear, taking down a hog 300 yards away would be no big feat.

4. Remington R-25

The Remington R-25 is one of the most popular hog hunting rifle. This is due to the fact that they are one of the most easy to use rifles and are reliable. They are also easy to use with other hunting equipment’s like thermal optics, making it a favored rifle by hunters who love hunting at night. The Remington R-25 can easily facilitate follow up shots rapidly, making it easy to kill many hogs at a go. Since hogs naturally graze in groups, this .308 chambered rifle has the ability to do some serious hog damage. It is also the preferred by farmers doing hog control.

5. Glock 40 Gen4

Its size should not discourage you as it can do some serious hog damage. This member of the Glock fourth generation handguns comes with a 6 inch barrel, a 15 round magazine with a 10mm chamber. It is lightweight making it easy to carry around and is also reliable. If you are a hog hunter who enjoys the thrill that comes with occasionally chasing hogs then this is the gun for you.

Coupled with hunting hounds, this handgun is a deadly weapon. With the hounds giving a tight chase and gradually tiring the hogs, the Glock 40 gen 4 completes the race with a loud bang. This handgun continually proves that size doesn’t matter, it is the way you use the gun that does. It has been known to make some pretty big kills.

6. Nemo Omen Match 2.0

I should probably start by saying that this hunting gun is damn expensive. Even though the staggering price tag has scared many hog hunters off, it still remains to be one of the best hog hunting guns. The nemo omen match 2.0 comes with 2 14 round mags, .300 rounds and a barrel and trigger to die for! It is the perfect gun to take on hog hunting where you are anticipating long range shots. The magazine saves you the constant trouble of reloading so you are now at liberty to kill as many hogs as you can. Coupled with a thermal scope, it becomes the ultimate hog hunting gun.

7. Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm.

Any hunter will tell you for free that Dan Wesson specializes in the high end rifles. They will also tell you that the 10mm cartridge would be extinct right now, were it not for a few select gun makers. Despite this round not being popular, it has still managed to gain reputation as one of the best hunting cartridges. The Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm is not only a sleek work of art but also works wonders when it comes to hunting hogs in thick places that are hard to maneuver.

There is always a twinge of accomplishment and excitement that comes with hog hunting. The thrill of being out in the wild and relying on your primal instincts coupled with a deadly weapon to make a kill is simply amazing.

For hog hunting to be considered successful, using the right kind of gun is crucial. It is exactly like using a sewing machine where you need to use the right needle and thread. With the above range of hunting guns to choose from, you are guaranteed of an exciting and eventful hog hunting mission. Don’t allow the wrong gun to ruin your hunting experience.

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