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If you take a closer look, there is one number that can often be spotted around you, hidden or unhidden. That is the number 4.

Everything in the universe has something that relates to the number. And the recurring arrangement of angel number 444 makes it even have a deeper meaning.

In fact, there are many people who navigate their journey of life smoothly through the Angel Number 444 and understanding the connotation behind the number.

It is believed that not only Angels but also Spirit guides communicate with you through these numbers.

Not just that, it is considered to have both positive and negative sides because of different beliefs.

So, let’s know what the Angel Number represents and how different parts of the world view it differently.


Classical elements:

444 symbolizes all the 4 elements present around and within you. The 4 essentials that are earth, air, water and fire are important for all lives. It is stated that the universe has been formed by the 4 elements. They are regarded as the critical energy forces which sustained lives. Each element is stated to be an integral part of the physical universe or matter and the human body is a physical creation that exists in the material kingdom. Hence, humans are considered to be governed by these elements. It has also been advocated to maintain a balance between the elements to ensure physical and psychological wellbeing.

It is stated that all the matters in the world have a combination of 4 prime qualities they are, dry, moist, hot and cold. The combo of dry and hot formed Fire, the combo of moist and hot produced Air, the dry and cold resulted in Earth and the moist and cold combination produced water.

Cardinal Direction:

444 also can represent Cardinal directions, that i.e., North, East, West and South. It simply conveys a message of guidance and navigation you need throughout the journey of life. Besides, each of the directions also carry different symbolism. North is regarded as a place of darkness and cold, it is also regarded as something higher in level. South is the place of light and warmth. It is also considered lower level stuffs. Easy is considered the direction where sun rises indicating the light of the world and deeply indicating the Resurrection. West is regarded as the direction of sunset referring to a place of evil and darkness.

Keep going:

Since the number is repetitive, it conveys a message of the universe motivating you to keep going. Number is stated to be the number of steady progress as well as of foundational creation. It teaches you that no matter what happens in life or how many obstacles you encounter; you should continue doing what you should. If you are planning to kick off and grow a project and something has made it stagnated, then it tells you to just go for it.

In different cultures:

In Chinese, Japanese Vietnamese, and Korean cultures, the number 4 is commonly disliked and avoided. The reason is, the term 4 in their local dialects possesses the same pronunciation like the term death.

It is believed that people considering 444 bad luck are the ones fearing or hating changes. These people are also regarded as the ones being very stubborn and the ones who refuse to change despite knowing the weaknesses.

It is also stated the people who don’t will to see the real meaning of 44 are regarded as the ones who don’t wish to unlock their spiritual side that could help the attain success.

Angel number 444 is stated to be a combo of the spiritual number 4 repeating three times. It’s possibly viewed as a message from your guardian angel concerning your prayers and thoughts. As per the Biblical scripture, seeing 4:44 is considered a sign of truth, change, and personal character. If you constantly see the Angel Number, it talks about the changes happening in your life and relationship.

In Bible:

In the bible, the number 4 also represents righteousness of the God. On the 4th day of creation, God stated in the verse of Genesis 1:14, ‘Let there be lights in the arch of heaven, to separate day from night, and let them be indications to mark the changes of the year, to mark the seasons, days, and years. On the fourth day, God’s creation of the sun, moon and stars is an emblem of truth.

In numerology:

In numerology, the number symbolizes foundations. For instance, it indicates a solid table resting on four legs, as well as the four corners of a house.

One of the commonest meanings of angel number 444 is the surrender to divinity. If you add the numbers, the total would be (4+4+4) 12.

In numerology, 12 is the number that makes you learn to Let Go and Let God. It teaches you to trust the process and invite creative solutions for coming forward.

In religion:

In most religious mythos, there are 4 corners of the world. In Buddhism, the number 4 is associated with 4 stages of enlightenment, 4 foundations of mindfulness, 4 heavenly kingdoms, 4 elements as well as 4 noble truths

The name of God has 4 letters in Judaism. The number is also associated with 4 cups of wine to drink, 4 matriarchs of Judaism and 4 questions to be asked about Passover.

When it comes to Christianity, the number is linked to the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and 4 gospels. It is also linked to the cross being made of 4 parts.

In Hinduism, it is associated with 4 vedas, 4 castes of society, 4 stages of student life, and 4 aims of human life.

Other symbolisms:  

  • It is associated with the heart being made of four chambers.
  • It is also linked to the 4 types of blood.
  • Aristotle argued that, in the natural world, there are four causes.
  • It is also associated with the only number in English having as many letters as its value.


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