March 2, 2018

Top 5 Hunting Video Games To Check Out

Video games are meant to provide entertainment. There are a variety of games available that you can play on the video game consoles and on your smartphones. Though the video game lovers are now inclined towards the Smartphone games, the demands for quality PC games are still as it used to be a few years ago. Now you get more advanced and realistic gaming experience through those games.

If you are like me, then mixing the passion of hunting with gaming is great, since you can practice from the comfort of your own home. There aren't masses of games out, but check out these top hunting games provided by

When it comes to hunting, the first hunting game was introduced during 1984. It was duck hunt and it was quite a basic version. Today’s hunting games are quite advanced and seem fairly realistic. If you wish to try one of today’s best hunting video games, you should check the reviewed games. These are the best in this class of video games.

1. Monster Hunter: World

It is something completely different from what the traditional hunting games look like. Here you will not be hunting the bucks or other normal preys. Here you would be hunting big monsters like dinosaurs. The Monster Hunter series was introduced during 2004 and now it has come quite far.

The latest version of this game is quite unique and probably the greatest hunting game of this age. You will have to locate, chase, and kill big monsters. The players have called it an addictive role-playing game because of its gameplay features. You can play it in both single-player and multi-player mode. It is an ideal game for you, if you want to try something different this time.

2. Deer Hunter: Reloaded


It is the best hunting game for you if you love to play first-person shooting games. You can play this game on multiple platforms, including PS4, PC, Xbox one and some others. This game is a great training medium for the novice hunters. It will improve your hunting skills and make you a pro if you play it regularly.

It will take you through several renowned hunting grounds. There will be bitter cold Alaskan mountains and Texas’s deserted hunting terrains. The developers have tried to offer it more authentic look by including some realistic hunting locations.

Do not presume that you are the only active hunter in this game. Other deadly creatures would love to hunt you, if you do not kill them. That’s why it will be a thrilling experience for you.

3. Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

Bass Pro is not a new name for the hunters and fishing lovers. It is one of the biggest suppliers of hunting gears and fishing gears. The Hunt game is a result of Bass Pro’s vast experience. This game is probably the most perfect one for learning how to hunt. Just like other top class hunting games, it will also take you to different North American hunting terrains.

All the hunting grounds are presented in a detailed way. The graphics are simply amazing and detailed representation of the wood, prey, and other aspects of this game make it simply amazing. The pros call it a strong entry in this genre. Its popularity proves how impressive this game actually is.

4. Hunting Simulator


As the name suggests, this game simulates hunting and takes it to a new level. Hunting would seem more realistic and exciting when you are playing this game. It works on several video game consoles such as Xbox one, PS4, and PC. You will not regret for choosing this game if you are a serious hunter.

There will be many new lands to explore and hunt the prey. It presents over 12 different hunting grounds. You will face 111 different challenges to prove your hunting skills. There will be different animals. Therefore, you will have to change the hunting tactics, according to the animal.

Hence, Hunting Simulator blurs the line between actual hunting and virtual hunting, only a patience player can perform better in this game. So, play it like a professional hunter and be patient while targeting the prey.

5. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts


Cabela is renowned across the USA for supplying quality hunting gears and outfits. It seems like a brand dedicated completely towards hunting. The Pro Hunts is one of the latest sensations in the hunting games.

It had introduced the first hunting game during 1998 and since then many other games have been introduced under the Big Game Hunter series. The Pro Hunts is the latest one, which features quite realistic graphics and amazing gameplay for the hunting lovers. It has a powerful plot and this game will take you through different hunting grounds in North America.

There will be many challenges throughout the gameplay. Finish those challenges to win the trophies. Every new trophy will open a new hunting region, where you can search for some more difficult preys.

Which one should you choose?

It depends on you. Unlike other video games, the hunting games offer a lot of knowledge about hunting. The listed games are the best because these games make it feel like actual hunting. Quality graphics, realistic hunting approach, and multiple challenges help you in learning a lot of new things about hunting.

If you have been playing other games for a long time and now want to try a hunting game, choose one of above reviewed five best hunting games. You will invest your bucks in the right product to learn a lot and get entertained in a thrilling way.

Hunting is challenging, exciting, and entertaining for them, who love to test their shooting skills. There are a lot of hunting grounds across the North America continent. As a hunter, you may not get a chance of hunting across all those hunting grounds. Therefore, you should play one of the reviewed video games. Though you will play just a game, things will seem more real.

In addition, you will always get something new to learn from the game which you can apply while hunting in real life. Do not worry if you do not have the PS4 or Xbox one. Install the chosen game on your PC and then play it.

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