October 7, 2018

How To Choose The Best Solar Generator

During the weekend and during long holidays, men love to hunt. Women too are nowadays rarely left out of these blood rushing hunting experiences. It's easy to catch geese or turkey but it may take hours or even days before you can finally catch something big like deer. More often than not, this means spending time in the wilderness far away from home.

Hunting cabins or hunting blinds do a great job of offering hunters shelter and protection. But does this mean sacrificing simple comforts like lighting, warmth, and power by having to endure discomfort that comes with using firewood or other unforthcoming power sources? With a reliable power source, you are able to enjoy music from your tablet, charge your phone, bathe using hot water, and among other things, prepare some delicious food from your catch after spending hours trailing in the wild.

There are numerous power sources out in the market that can serve your purposes during hunting. Noisy, fumy generators that need loads of gasoline to run are for starters too much nuisance for the hunter to burden himself with. Hunting gear can be very heavy and bulky and adding on more appliances would be overburdening, to say the least. On the other hand, the noise and fumes are sure to scare away any animals near your hunting cabin. This means that you are set to have a long, lonely hunting experience with no catch to take home or speak about.​

But how good are these power alternatives when you are out hunting? Will they leave you stranded? Or do they have the ability to supply all your power needs and leave you with more power to spare even when it's time to head back home? Portable propane heaters, for instance, tend to be noisy, emit smoke and are only limited to cooking and heating purposes only not forgetting how much of a safety hazard they are in case of a gas leak.

With the best solar generator 2018, you can fully focus on your hunting experience while staying distracted from uncertainties and bothersome thoughts of how you would stay warm on a relatively cold night or if your phone would survive the rest of the day without needing a recharge. The best solar generator usually use solar panels to capture energy from the sun and in turn, charge the batteries located in the generators. Before power reaches the battery, a power inverter turns this energy into Direct Current which is thereafter stored in the batteries and can be used to power many electric appliances in the hunting cabin.​

With a solar power generator, you can enjoy silence and no odor. In addition, you can power your electric blanket for extra warmth on a cold night or turn on your fan to cool down on a warm night. Any device that can be plugged into a power source can operate well without limitations owing to constant sunlight and ultimately constant power. How big or small your solar generator depends on your needs and intended purposes while hunting.

When you are out scouting for the right solar generator, you need to factor in certain qualities regarding how effective the solar panels are and more importantly how efficient the PV inverter is. These qualities can inform the kind of solar generator to buy and guarantee that it will serve your purposes adequately. Want to know what these qualities are? Read on to find out;​

Quiet Operation

One must look for the environmental label usually placed on the solar generator. This label is only placed on those solar generators that have noise levels below 55 decibels. If you find a solar generator that meets all your standards and simultaneously emits less noise, go for that one.

Type of PV Inverter Housing

Most solar generators are installed outdoors. For this reason, you need to choose a PV inverter housing that is built well enough to keep dust and moisture out Find a PV inverter housing with enough protection. This way, the solar generator can serve you for long durations without breaking down or needing maintenance.


The solar generator contains wires that conduct converted energy to the batteries. If these wires are made of poor quality material, it could put you at risk of getting electric shock if you accidentally touch the wires. Be sure to inquire and check that the solar generator you are looking at has met all the safety standards.

Extra features

Some solar generators give you the choice of using a long-lasting battery that can serve you for years and years or a panel that requires you to come with a new battery each time you head to the cabin. Whether or not each type of generator is good can be dictated by your needs. On the other hand, some solar panels are fixed in place permanently while you have the option of folding up other panels. For panels that are foldable, it is easy to bring it anywhere with you or store it until you are back at your cabin.

What Is The AC/DC Rated Output And Voltage Range?

When looking for the right solar generator for your hunting cabin or hunting blind, you should find that solar generator whose panels and battery can store enough power per day to serve all your power needs comprehensively. Look at the specified voltage and calculate the rated output and thereafter determine if the generator you are looking at is what you are looking for.


Many base their decision to buy a solar generator on how cheap or expensive it is. However, this is a very inaccurate criteria to follow when buying a solar generator. You can find a fairly priced solar generator with impressive qualities which give you value for money or an expensive generator with mediocre qualities.

Final Verdict

A good solar generator is portable, and easy to set up. It will serve you for years and years before you need to find another generator. A solar generator is very reliable especially for a hunting cabin that hasn't been used for a long time. It brings with it great convenience that can bring life into any dull space out in the wilderness.

When hunting as a group, you are all able to hunt during the day and still have enough power to unwind while watching a movie over drinks back at the cabin. Once you are done you have the option of leaving the solar panels in place at your hunting cabin and stay worry free knowing that you'll have a reliable power source the next time you are back looking for another memorable hunting experience.

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