June 2, 2017

4 Ways That Will Never Ever Let You Down On How To Remove Rust From A Gun

how to remove rust from a gun

Guns are equipment’s that one acquires either for protection or fun by those people who love to hunt. In the daily use of guns, rust is one of the inevitable components that attack its metallic surface. Methods used to remove rust from guns helps to prevent jamming and misfiring, which are very annoying mostly to those people who like hunting I can’t imagine missing a target because of not removing rust from my gun.

How to remove rust from a gun? Some methods can be used to give a finer and more lustrous texture on the surface of the gun, by removal of the rough patches of rust. This is why it is important to carry out gun cleaning and maintenance.

Carry guns are more susceptible to rust this is due to contact with sweat produced from our bodies, human beings are catalysts of the rusting process, it really destroys our armory. This is why we need a backup plan to remove rust. You can notice that once in a lifetime patches of brown materials encamp the gun this is very unpleasant and makes it unattractive.

Exposure to water also accelerates the process of rusting, just like any other metal surface. I would really advise someone who mostly lives in areas close to the ocean just like I do, to get a look at these easy procedures on how to remove rust, this is because of the high humidity which accelerates rusting.

You only need a few things to remove tough rust from guns.

  • Copper brush
  • Copper bore brush
  • Dry cotton cloths
  • Copper wool
  • Oil
  • Tons of napkins
  • Cleaning surface that you don’t mind to dirty
  • Steel brush

Types of Brush That You Can Use to Remove Rust From Your Gun

remove rust from a gun

The brush is an equipment that is used to remove unwanted elements on the surface of a gun. There are different types of gun brushes as I have pinpointed above

Rifle Brush produces a finish that ensures the bores of the gun remain at the same dimension, it doesn’t change the smoothness of the gun.

Nylon brush, this type is used to clean parts of the gun like the bolt, action, and receiver of the gun.

A bronze brush is used to remove the harder fouling stains from the surface of the gun, it is more expensive to buy but it will not scratch your gun.

Steel brush, it is cheaper to acquire but it will not leave you with a smooth surface like the rifle brush but if you are not concerned with the surface this is the brush to buy. Instead of using a steel brush you can use a copper brush they all work the same.

while you clean the surface of the gun, use only proper abrasive materials to avoid damaging the gun. You can opt to use a steel brush because it is easy and readily available. However, if you are concerned with the finishing of the gun, you should not use steel brush because it leaves one with a rough surface that will require one to apply a new coat.

Steel seems tempting but I wouldn’t advise you to use it. Dry brass is the best brush to use if you are concerned about the final integrity of your gun. For guns, with polymers, copper brushes and wool should not be used because it is harder than the polymer and this can corrode its surface.

4 Easy Methods That Can Help You to Remove Rust from A Gun

Method 1: Use of Gun Oil to Remove Rust

  • First, ensure that the gun is unloaded to avoid injuring yourself or others, this is by removing bullets that have been loaded.
  • Firearm oil is applied on the surface of the gun you should focus mostly on the places where the rust is present do not pour a lot of oil use a drip head to regulate the amount of oil.
  • Leave the oil to settle for a while to loosen the rust grip on the surface, this increases the contact of oil and rust to loosen the grip of rust on the gun.
  • Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe its surface if you pour lots of oil mistakenly, avoid using large amounts of oil as much as possible.
  • Be gentle as you keep adding oil to every surface of the gun, apply one area at a time. If the rust remains, keep cleaning the surface until the gun becomes rust free. This will depend on the depth of rust on the gun
  • Use your brush of preference it can be either soft steel wool or copper brush to rub the surface. when you use steel wool make sure that your index finger can sway through a circular manner as you steer the steel wool on the rust spots, repeat the process until you have a shiny surface.
  • Ensure that you remove the steel hair sediments, that may be present during the removal of rust.
  • Just like the fourth process clean the gun with a cotton cloth, you are then good to go.

To know if the rust is removed you will notice the clean oil turning color from being clear to a rusty color.

Ensure that before starting this removal of rust process, you feel the texture of the gun so that later on you can notice the miraculous difference you have carried out on your filthy, rusty gun. This is the simplest method of all, how can you not be able to remove rust from your own gun? very Impossible.

Method 2: WD-40


These is a solution mostly recommended by many gun industry gun owners this is due to its moisture displacement, rust preventing, displacing, and lubricating magical properties. Penetrating qualities assists in breaking down of powder residues like rust and other unwanted materials.

It is one of the simplest and less demanding methods to remove rust from guns.

  • Place the gun on a flat surface
  • Ensure that the gun is unloaded.
  • Spray the WD-40 solution directing to the places containing rust patches, if the rust is deep you may use a brush to try to scrub it off.
  • Let the solution settle for 24 hours then you spray it once more.
  • Wipe the surface using a napkin or cotton, your gun would be as new as it was.

Method 3: Use of Blue Wonder

 blue wonder

Blue wonder is a solution that is used to remove rust from metal guns.

  • Apply the blue wonder to the parts having the rust you may opt to use a brass brush or soft steel wool depending on the type of material used to manufacture the gun.
  • If the rust is deep let the gel settle for 5-15 minutes
  • Use a clean napkin or cloth to wipe the already removed rust from the gun.
  • Apply gun oil to prevent further rusting of the gun.

Blue wonder is one of the best gun cleaners because it’s not petroleum based they are not harmful, toxic or dangerous to inhale. Being completely biodegradable it is mostly recommended for use.

Method 4: Home Remedy of Electrolysis Removal for Guns

This is a very interesting method of removal of rust from guns, it is mostly recommended for brass, aluminum, copper and alloy type of guns.It is a method of removing iron oxide by passing electrical charge from a battery through the material containing rust to allow the exchange of ions while it is immersed in an electrolyte solution.Don't be dismayed by all this description the actual process is very easy.

Tools to use are

  • plastic container.
  • steel rod.
  • hammer washing soda.
  • battery charger.
  • Mix one tablespoon of washing soda for a gallon of water, this is the electrolyte.
  • Place steel rod carefully in the container, the rod will be the anode (positive terminal) the cathode would be the solution.
  • Connect the cathode to the part where rust is to be removed and anode to the rod, ensure the charger is plugged in. (bubbles will start to form this is an indication the process is taking place)
  • Allow it to settle for 3-5 hours.
  • Then remove the gun parts and wipe it using clean cotton and apply oil.

Ways To Protect  Guns From Rust

protect gun

This includes methods that one can carry out to reduce the metal part surface of the gun from reacting with oxygen to form rust. when these methods are taken seriously one will not go through strenuous methods to remove rusts from guns.

  • Store gun in a cool dry place.
  • You should not store the gun in its case, only do so if the casing is rustproof.
  • Wipe the guns regularly.
  • Avoid salty conditions because this initiates rusting.


Hope you enjoyed the easy steps about how to remove rust from a gun, you can never go wrong with every method. Service and maintenance are very important to every gun owner because they increase the span life of the gun itself.

It is a good habit to clean your gun after using them in every session, proper servicing reduces operation malfunctions. I had to learn this habit the hard way because I noticed most of my guns were jamming, I hope you never come to this position to know the importance of rust removal.

It will be kind of you to share the information with friends and family because as we know the problem shared is half solved.

Kindly if interested in any solution you can visit Amazon to recheck them and have them for yourself.

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