May 23, 2018

Gun Safety Is A Responsibility That Comes With Gun Ownership. Lock It Up.


Keep it safe. Keep it hidden.

Lock It Up Box is a new kind of gun securement product, one designed to disguise the storage of the gun while keeping it firmly and snuggly in place using magnetic technology. Through a lockable all steel safe body, ensure that no one has unauthorized access of your personal gun.

  • Clever Gun Concealment
  • Magnetic Gun Securement
  • 1,000 Unique Combinations
  • Full-Size Firearm & Magazine Storage
  • Convenient Portability


Introducing the Lock It Up Box

For any gun owner in the country that has ever for a single second been concerned about the securement, storage, or integrity of their firearm, the Lock It Up Box was designed for you. Chances are, you have a gun on your property to protect yourself and your family, which is why we’ve created a product that is cleverly concealed and only accessible by you.

Unfortunately, 40% of unintentional child shooting deaths take place in the rooms where the gun is stored improperly. Additionally, 70% of unintentional shootings could have been prevented if the firearm had been stored, locked, and unloaded.

By supporting our product, we can prevent thousands of unintentional children shootings from taking place in the future, introducing a low cost, effective, decorative, and concealed firearm storage solution that secures your gun from unwanted hands.​

Lock It Up Box Features

  • Magnetic Power: Two very powerful magnets are strategically placed, firmly holding the gun and magazine to the foam padding without any movement.
  • Portability: At 10” by 7”, this book is easily portable from your home, to work, to your car and back.
  • 3-Number Safety Lock: The three-dial lock provides up to 1,000 combinations for impenetrable security.
  • Full-Size Storage: Interior cavity of the book is large enough to hold a full size semi-auto firearm and magazine.
  • 18-Gauge Steel Body: Twice as thick as any other diversion book on the market, the Lock It Up Box is made from infallibly durable steel material that will keep the gun securely stored for generations.
  • Industrial Powder Coating: As for the presentation of the book, it’s covered in 10 mil industrial powder coating which is the most color-durable quality finishes available, resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wear and tear.
  • Reinforced Leading Edge: As a one-of-a-kind design, the reinforced leading edge prevents prying up of the corners of the safe book, making it a safer alternative to other cheaply re-purposed diversion books on the market.
  • Custom Design: Quality, custom book cover design makes the realistic element 100% believable, disguised as just another large book that will fit on any bookshelf. The constitutional cover adds a patriotic element to the concealment.

Specially designed to first and foremost prioritize safety while ensuring ease-of-access, the Lock It Up Box incorporates the book cover and metal lid for opening without having to move the outer cover first. The reduction of steps resolves awkwardness and makes important access as easy as 1-2-3.

Who Are We?

The Lock It Up Box was the product of a disabled veteran and father of four girls with a strong passion for protecting 2nd Amendment rights, as well as gun safety. Realizing that the majority of firearms are stored inappropriately around homes, presenting life-threatening dangers to kids and teens in and out of the house, Kev Kutina wanted to create an affordable, full-size solution that was compatible with any living space. After receiving a gift of a book with the pages cut out to carry a gun, Kutina was inspired to create something similar, yet more effective. He wanted to create a book that locked the gun for ultimate and infallible safety.

As a gun enthusiast and engineer, Kutina felt compelled to develop a better concept of the “gun in a book” that would keep kids safe, protect families from thieves, and blend into surroundings naturally as to attract zero attention.


We believe that the right to keep a firearm at home or at work, where permissible, is a fundamental right bestowed on us by the constitution. That’s why we’re asking for your help to make the Lock It Up Box a reality for families countrywide. In order to mitigate unnecessary injuries and fatalities from poor gun storage, we’re creating a solution that makes firearm concealment easy and accessible by the right person.

Through this crowdfunding campaign’s funding, we will be able to complete the manufacturing and distribution of our gun concealment product, making it available to consumers nationwide. Even if you don’t like firearms or believe in their acceptance, contributing just $5 will help bring this pivotal product to market, decreasing unintentional shooting deaths every single year.

We believe this goal is obtainable as we spread the word about its life-saving benefits.

Please support us now, and help make your home a safer place for all.

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