October 9, 2018

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best G-Shock Watches For Hunting

G shock for hunting

Hunting during holiday or your weekend is one of the best things you can do as a way of spending your leisure time. You have to make sure you carry a watch that will be strong enough to cope with harsh forest environments. We have many watches that are suited for performing different functions like swimming, running, hunting and other sporting activities.

G-shock watches are the best when it comes to selecting hunting watches. The watches are strong and durable to cope with forest climates. Since there are various G-shock hunting watches currently in the market, you have to make good research to avoid buying the wrong product.

You have to look for many factors so that you buy a product that will not waste your money. The tips below will help you when choosing the Best G-shock Watches for Hunting

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best G-shock Watches for Hunting​

1. Cost

G Shock watch

One of the main things you should consider before buying any product is the price. You have to choose and buy a product that suits your needs and favors your budget. You can also try to look for an available discount so that you can save your money where you have to do the right timing when the discount is being offered.

Sometimes it only depends with the strength of your pocket where you cannot buy a product that you cannot manage to pay. You have to consider mostly the highly priced G-shock watches because they are made from quality waterproof materials to cope with harsh forest weathers. You can also choose the low priced G-shock watches because they will perform their functions well.

You also need to know if the product will serve you well to avoid wasting your money buying the same product time by time. Therefore, buy a G-shock hunting watch that will favor your wallet and give you the best service.

2. Function

Before buying a G-shock watch, you have to ask yourself what is the function of the watch. Our concentration here is about hunting watches where you have to choose a watch that will suit and cope with forest temperatures.

You can end up buying a watch that is not suited for hunting purposes where you can end up taking it back or buy a new one where this will be extra spending. You have to do proper research because many watches perform different functions so you have to make a good decision. The watches also have alarms where you can set your own hunting time to avoid overhunting for long hours.​

3. Compass

A watch with a digital compass is a great choice, especially for hunting. Hunting involves more searching deeper and deeper into the forest, and if you don’t have a digital compass, you can be lost easily. Hunting is always safe when you know where you are going and the stronger your watch tracking system, your hunting time will be easy.

G-shock watches come with clear compasses that always keeps you updated where you are going into the forest. You can look for a watch with a digital compass with a calibration mode so that you will always follow the right direction when hunting. The dials and pointers should be visible and easily read even when you are in dark positions.

4. Water-resistant

G shock Water Resistant

One of the main things you should consider before buying any outdoor gear is determining whether it is waterproof so that it gives you the best service. Water mainly gets into contact with your watch very easily when you are chasing your prey, especially during rainy or winter seasons. If your watch gets into contact with water, you will not maintain time or follow your compass clearly.

G-shock watches are made from waterproof materials that able to resist water for a long time. You should also know the amount of water your G-shock watch can tolerate before it gets damaged. When you do this, you can do your hunting comfortably without worrying about the breakdown of the watch, and this will make your hunting time easy.

5. Durability

Any time you want to buy a product, you should know the material that is used to construct it. Many of the watches currently in the market are made from stainless and resin case that are durable. G-shock watches are made from resin material that is strong and sturdy enough to keep the watch for a long time. You should also check whether the band of the watch is strong enough to cope with adverse temperatures in the forest.

The grasp of the watch should also be strong so that it does not fall off when you are running after your prey. A durable G-shock watch will also save you the cost of buying watches time by time. You have to research the durable watches that will provide you with the best service for a long time.

6. Size

What is the size of your wrist? Do you need a small or big watch? These two questions should come into your mind when you want to buy a G-shock watch. The size of your wrist will mostly determine the kind of a watch that will fit well in your hand.

Avoid buying oversized watches because they can easily come off the hand when you are running in the forest, and this can bring inconveniences when hunting. The band should be strong and have a good fit, and this will always keep the watch into position.

7. Battery Life

G shock Battery

Many people always don’t consider the battery life mostly when buying watches. You have to know the time the watch can take before the battery is off. If your watch has a compass, GPS, and many other operations running in the watch, the battery will consume a lot of power. Consider G-shock watch that is energy efficient to make your hunting time easy.

If you are planning to camp into the forest hunting, always avoid buying a second-hand watch. This is because they have shorter battery life. The G-shock watches with power back-ups are the best choice to use when you have a watch that is running many operations because you can charge it when the battery is low.


G-shock watches are unique watches that are usually designed for people who like spending more of their time hunting, fishing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. They have a unique design and have a smooth function that will always make your hunting time good. G-shock watches are designed to cope with harsh forest temperatures like snow and rain because they are made from strong and durable materials.

Currently, there are many products in the market and choosing the best G-watches for hunting can be a tiring job. You have to do good research so that you can buy a product that is of quality and the one suiting your needs. Consider the tips in the guide above when choosing the best G-shock watches for hunting.

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