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September 3, 2018

Appendix Carry: The Do’s and Don’ts

best appendix carry holste

The appendix carry is a practice where people place a holster and pistol in the front of their waistline. These devices are placed between the waistband buttons and the pants pocket. Close to the appendix. This is the main reason why it is named after the appendix. Its major benefits are more convenient insertion and […]

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April 5, 2018

An In-Depth Comparison of the .300 Blackout Vs .308 Winchester

.300 Blackout Vs. .308 Winchester A Brief History .300 Blackout .308 Winchester Ammunition SpecsRifle Selection Tactical Rifles Hunting Rifles Range Controllability UsesHuntingHome DefenseConclusion This cartridge comparison will analyze the .300 Blackout and the .308 Winchester. The two cartridges have the ability to take high caliber bullets but there are other interesting attributes about them. The comparison […]

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