January 17, 2019

Best Hunting Gear for Women 2019

Are you all prepped up for your camping/hunting trip this season? But, wait for a second, have you looked at some of the best hunting gears that will make your trip more exciting, thrilling, safe and memorable.

Well, if you have stepped into the wild, be prepared to face the worst of the situations. Whether you are a huge Bear Grylls fan or a professional hunter on his explore trip, backing up yourself with some of the best hunting gears is a must.

Listed below are some of the 2019’s best hunting gear for women :

Damascus Hunting Knife with a Fixed blade

Whether you consider it as a gear or not but survival knives have always helped hunters make the most of their hunting trip. Check out the Damascus hunting knife with fixed blade ideal for hunting and skinning animals in just a single stab to end your prey. Being a woman, it boils down to a matter of more importance to carry a knife for self-defense and control while you are on an adventurous spree.

3-Layer field jacket

Try out a 3-layer field jacket with an upright collar and full sleeves and a waist zipper that allows complete insulation from the cold air outside ensuring you are warm and cozy on the inside. It will give you a complete ranger feeling. The color of the jacket is completely contrasted with trees and bushes that ensures you are not recognizable while you are on your hunting spree.

Hand Warmer

If you are trekking up in the north or hunting in an area which is extremely cold, do carry a hand warmer with yourself. Hunting requires good control on your hand and eyes, and therefore, too much cold in the area can lead to a disastrous struggle while hunting.

Tactical Bra

Hunting requires a lot of concentration and uni-dimensional focus on the subject, and therefore, it is important to be comfortable with your dress. Try out the military tactical bra that helps keep the breast in place with no bulging or digging. It gives a smooth chest appearance making you look like a professional hunter. The size runs from Extra Small to Extra large ensuring complete mobility while you are hunting.

Remington 870 Shotgun

Most of the people think of a single gun to serve all the purpose, but that is not true. If asked a hunter to choose a gun that would suit his hunting style he will select a different shotgun for hunting turkeys and another one for shooting a deer.

The Remington 870 is one of the most recommended shotguns in America. Being relatively inexpensive, versatile and highly efficient it serves as an amazing hunting tool.

These are some of the best hunting gears for women planning to go hunting, camping or for some other bushcraft activities. Make the most of your trip with our list of hunting gears that will make your hunting experience more safe, exciting and memorable. You are surely not a Rambo who would kill a tiger in a single stab. Back yourself with some essential survival tools, first aid kit and hunting gears listed above and have a safe trip.

Alex Ramsey

Work hard & live to hunt! Countryman Hunter , Archery, shooter, Freelance outdoor writer and Love USA. founder of thebigdeer.com where I share my hunting experiences and gear reviews to help you become more prepared. Knowledge will save you, but great gear will help! Let Get Out & Go Hunting

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