April 18, 2019

7 Survival Must-Haves In Any Hunting Or Survival Expedition

Survival gear isn’t just for people who enjoy exploring the deep wilderness. It is an insurance policy that cans every hunter and other outdoor enthusiasts must have. With the right supplies, you’re ready to survive in case you get caught in an emergency when hunting.

The International Hunter Education Association reports that less than 1,000 Americans get accidentally shot by hunters, and less than 7.5% of the incidences are fatal. Most accidents or emergencies from hunting are:

  • Self-afflicted
  • Hunting parties where one hunter accidentally shoots another
  • Car accidents when traveling to and from hunting areas
  • Heart attacks when hiking hills and woods

Since you can’t know what awaits you in your next hunting expedition, here are a few things to include in your hunting gear.

Carry A Lighter

A fire starter is one of the most important items you need when you go hunting. This will help you keep warm, cook your meal and fight off predators at night. You should know how to start a fire without much struggle. 

You need to trust your fire starter at all times. Granted, you can carry three fire starters to be sure that you are well covered. For instance, carry matches, a lighter and a striker. Carry these items in a waterproof bag separate from other items and within fast reach.

Map And Compass

GPS on your phone or watch comes in handy when hunting in the wild. You also need a compass and a map. You should also carry a topography and road map. Fortunately, maps and compasses are lightweight items, and there is no reason not to carry them even when you have GPS. While having a map is a great survival tactic, you must know how to correctly read them.

Carry A Survival Watch

A survival watch has a horde of features in addition to telling time. Most of them are built for harsh weather and rough usage. A suitable survival watch should have a compass, GPS, show time in different countries, shock resistance, thermometer, and time recording among other features.

There are lots of survival watches to choose from. The best is one which falls within your budget, meets your need and reflects on your personality. So choose a suitable survival watch and make sure you have it with you before you hit the road.

Carry A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is necessary whenever you go into the wilderness. You never know what may prick you or whether you might trip and fall. With a first aid kit, you are sure to take care of injuries on time before they become severe.

According to 2016 Hunting Safety Statistics report by New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, 13 personal injuries were reported, three were fatal and 46% of these cases were self-inflicted. Hunters should, therefore, learn to avoid careless behavior.

aid kit

Build your first aid kit starting with meds, especially when you have special needs like asthma inhalers, blood pressure, antibacterial ointments and more. You can then add items needed in case of serious injuries.

Ensure your kit has all the necessary items such as bandages, sterile gauze, pressure dressings, and an antiseptic liquid. It is equally important to have basic knowledge on first aid such as how to dress a wound, how to stop bleeding, and basic hygiene practices.

Emergency Clothing And Warm Beddings

It may rain or get extremely cold in the wilderness. And when that happens, you will need to stay protected. A raincoat, a heavy cold-weather coat, a heavy headgear, protective clothing such as gloves and boots are necessary. Besides the clothes, carry camping tents and beddings if you will be spending the night in the wild.

Food And Water

Whether your hunting expedition is just for a few days, you must carry easy to eat food like energy bars and canned goods. Secondly, you must have some water and water bottles. It is also very important to have a portable water purifier.

Invest in stainless steel utensils like cookware and cups, which you can use to cook, heat, eat and drink.

Survival Knife And Torch

You need a knife to cut a harvest. But a knife can also be used as a weapon in times of trouble. The ideal knife should be strong, easy to handle, and able to skin your kills.

You also need a strong flashlight. A flashlight/torch comes in handy when your fire starter fails you and you are lost in darkness or thick forest.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Hunting is a good hobby but not always friendly. You should have great physical and mental health and knowledge on the jungle and wild animals. None of the items above should be taken for granted. Your survival kit may even carry more items than outlined above.

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